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 1  1937 
 2Tough Sledding For Bonus Beauts Bailey and Gibbs McGuff, Joe; 1961 
 3Richards Sizes Up Krausse as Likely Hill Ace of Future  1961 
 4Phillies 'Think Twice' On Six-Figure Bonus Plunges Cartwright, Al; 1961 
 5Kaycee Hands Mize Toughie, Beefing Up Powder-Puff Hitters Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 6Youngster Deserves Chance To Learn  1961 
 7Bonus-Bay Days  1961 
 8Krausse's Fan Appeal Puts A's Ahead of '60 Gate Pace  1961 
 9Red-Faced Conley Thought Kid Ace Wanted Autograph  1961 
 10Bass and Archer Give A's Dream of Up-Stream Swim Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 11'Silly Season' in Big Time - Bonus Boys Rake in Chips Kachline, Clifford; 1961 
 12Soaring Bonus Bids Stun Major Execs - Quick Action Likely Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 13Krausse 28th To Rack Up Shutout in Big-Time Bow Gettelson, Leonard; 1961 
 14'Krausse's Stuff Far Better Than Von McDaniel's' - Lane  1961 
 15Was Kid Twirler Nervous? 'Yeah, When I Was Batting'  1961 
 16Kaycee Fans Flip Their Lids Over Kid Curver Krausse Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 17Bonus Bonanza  1961 
 18Krausse Fails in Starting Role  1961 
 19Bonus Kid Krausse Defeats Nats After Losing 5 in Row  1961 
 20No More Beer and Cigarettes  1962 
 21Medical Test To Determine Krausse's Future in Game  1962 
 22Kansas City Athletics Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 23A's Brass Blows Fuse Over Segui Iron-Man Stunts McGuff, Joe; 1963 
 24Alvarez Stars in Belated Padre Debut  1963 
 25This Looks Like Year A's Krausse Becomes of Age McGuff, Joe; 1966 
 26Another for Moe Conlin, Bill; 1966 
 27Nash Heads a Bevy of Young Beauts on Kaycee Slab Staff n; 1966 
 28A's Dancing in Boulevards Over Strong-Armed Kids McGuff, Joe; 1966 
 29A's Speak Louder Than Words n; 1966 
 30Power Failure Halts Game; Nats Lose It 2 Days Later n; 1966 
 31Proud A's Tote Up a Flock of Plus Marks: Young Hurlers and Outfielder Monday Light Up Future McGuff, Joe; 1966 
 32Solid Roof Protects A's Young Flingers From Swat Storms O'Boynick, Paul; 1966 
 33  1966 
 34The Charlie O. Finley Follies Musburger, Brent; 1967 
 35Progress in Kansas City Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 36Finley's Follies n; 1967 
 37What Next? Kaycee Fans Can Only Wonder: Dark Fired--Players Rap Boss Finley McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 38What Next? Kaycee Fans Can Only Wonder: Case Eyed By Eckert and Miller McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 39A's Players Level Charges at Finley; Asks Eckert to Act McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 40The `Inside Story' on Finley Fracas Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1967 
 41Eckert Will Hear Players' Case Against Boss Finley n; 1967 
 42Will Finley Leave K.C. Defenseless? It's in A.L.'s Lap McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 43Finley and A's Players Agree to Truce: Eckert Seeks New Hearing to Weigh Krausse Issue King, Joe; 1967 
 44Police in Kaycee Deny Hush-Up Role in Hotel Shooting Incident McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 45Aker, Nash Keep Kansas City Stew at Boiling Level McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 46Mr. Shutout: Hunter Tops A's Hill Staff McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 47Four Prizes in A's Hunt For Phenoms McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 48Change-Up Put A's Krausse on the Road to Success McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 49Lew Krausse's Winter of Discontent Fox, Tom; 1968 
 50Up and Down But Seldom Out Ronberg, Gary; 1968 
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