September 4, 2015
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 1Who's Who in Baseball  1917 
 2Southpaws Leading  1917 
 3Chance Remarks of Leading Players at the Big Games  1919 
 4Eight White Sox Players Are Indicted On Charge of Fixing 1919 World Series; Cicotte Got $10,000 and Jackson $5,000  1920 
 5Do Baseball Pitchers Make the Best Trap Shots ? Mack, Edgar; 1920 
 6The Advantages of Being a Port-Sider Williams, Claude; 1920 
 7Two Sox Confess; Eight Indicted; Inquiry Goes On; "We Threw World Series." Cicotte, Jackson, Admit; To Indict Gamblers Today Is Plan  1920 
 8Eighteen Years of American League Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1921 
 9Willliams Head of Deal to Throw Sox Games  1924 
 10Joe Jackson Case Lasts Just Ten Minutes To-Day  1924 
 11The Chicago White Sox Carmichael, John; 1951 
 12  1952 
 13The Scandalous Black Sox Rosenthal, Harold; 1959 
 14  1959 
 15Black Sox Story Butchered in TV Show: Video Script Skirts Facts, Blasts Game; Full of Inaccuracies, Distortions Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 16Eight Men Out: the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series Asinof, Eliot; 1963 
 17The Great Baseball Mystery: the 1919 World Series Luhrs, Victor; 1966 
 18Acquitted But Still Condemned Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 19Baseball's Darkest Hour Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 20Eight Black Sox--Just One Left: Risberg, 80, in California Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 21Eight Men Out: the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series Asinof, Eliot; 1987 
 22The 'Innocent' Eight Webb, Chris; 1987 
 23  1988 
 24These Were the Eight Worst World Series Games Ever! Vass, George; 1992 
 25The Ginger Kid: the Buck Weaver Story Stein, Irving M.; 1992 
 26Greed, Gamblers Combined To Soil Series of 1919 Berney, Louis; 1994 
 27Remembering the Chicago Black Sox Jernigan, Robert; 2002 
 28Joe Jackson: A Biography Boyer-Sagert, Kelly; 2004 
 29Claude Preston "Lefty" Williams Dunkle, Jon; 2006 
 30Eddie Collins: A Baseball Biography Huhn, Rick; 2008 
 31It Ain't So: A Might-Have-Been History of the White Sox in 1919 and Beyond Lynch, Michael T., Jr.; 2010 
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