September 2, 2015
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 1Sluggers Slaughter Hurlers in Carolina Loop Inaugurals  1963 
 2May Fete Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 3Long-Absent .300 Batters Reappear Fisher, Eddie; 1966 
 4Bahnsen Leads Int's Skipper Poll as Loop's Top Pitching Prospect MacCarl, Neil; 1966 
 5May Socks Pair of Doubles For His First Big-Time Hits n; 1966 
 6Reds Sight a New Source of Mayhem: May's Mace Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 7Reds Eye '66 Shipwreck--Debate Who'll Walk Plank Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 8Sharks Putting Bite on Astros for Talent Moncada, Eduardo; 1966 
 9The Hard Scuffle To Be a Big-leaguer Devaney, John; 1967 
 10The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1967 
 11'The Deal' Killed 'Em Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 12Tony Swings Torrid Stick; Reds Hope He's Permanent Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 13May Wins a Berth in Bristol's Game of Musical Chairs Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 14Perez Wins Nod as Reds' First Baseman in Opener n; 1967 
 15Reds' Lee May Responds as No. 4 Hitter Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 16May Carries Red Colors in Rookie of Year Stakes Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 17Writers Name Seaver, Craew as Majors' Leading Freshman Lang, Jack; 1967 
 18Mauling May Makes Rout of RBI Race Frau, Miguel; 1967 
 19Reds Expecting Jones to Hypo Flyhawk Punch Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 20May, Carew Cream of Frosh Crop: Hill Winners Are Phoebus and Hughes Henkey, Ben; 1967 
 21May Needed Proff of Age as Little League Player n; 1967 
 22Rookie Pick May Rockets to RBI Lead Frau, Miguel; 1967 
 23Reds Prepare for Operation Big Switch Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 24May Heeded Advice From His Grandma Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 25Official Scouting Reports on 320 Major League Rookies Simons, Herbert; 1967 
 26Cincinnati Reds n; 1967 
 27Down to the Wire, Then--Giants, Orioles Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 28Perez...a Perfect Temperament Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 29May Has `Athletic Feet'; `Also Body,' Grins Dave  1968 
 30Top Puerto Rico League Awards to Pagan, Osteen  1968 
 31Cincy's May Shooting For 20 HR Total Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 32Reds View Winter Swaps As a Bridge to Pennant Riches Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 3317 Big-Time Players Try New Style Shoes Which Have Aluminum Spikes  1968 
 34Bristol Blames Winter Ball for Perez' Flop Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 35May's Batting Average Surges as Power Declines Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 36May Day Comes Early for Reds Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 37"You Could See He Had Potential"  1968 
 38Giants, Cubs Boast Six Top 11 N.L. Sluggers  1969 
 39Reds Polish `Super' Label For Lee May Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 40Why the Reds Hit So Well McNulty, Pat; 1969 
 41Reds' May Too Fast For Own Good in Reaching Camp Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 42Reds' Rest Decree Boosts May, Perez Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 43Reds Hitch Pennant Wagon to Their Workhorse Carroll Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 44Reds Gain Altitude as May Zeroes In Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 45Reds' Lefty Jim Merritt Earns Hill Merit Badge Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 46May, Perez Zero In on Reds' Lefty-Righty Homer Record Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 47Tough as Steel, Cincy's Granger Baffles Batters Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 48Brothers in Major Leagues Often Parted by Injuries Burns, Bud; 1969 
 49Big Red Machine  1970 
 50Tears and Toasts Spell Crosley Field Farewell Lawson, Earl; 1970 
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