May 28, 2015
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 1Stevens, Bright Put Sting in Bees' Drive Goates, Lee; 1960 
 2First-Season Pilots Show Heels To Vets Gregory, L.H.; 1960 
 3Bees Seek Hill Vet To Speed Up Pace Goates, Les; 1960 
 4'Hitless' Jets Rate Shepard Key To Club's Torrid Pace  1961 
 5Zooming Jets Rated Top Choice For Flag Fisher, Eddie; 1961 
 6Slab Staff Sparks Jets' Fast Takeoff Flora, Earl; 1961 
 7Darkhorse Jets Copped Int Flag Without .300 Hitter Fisher, Eddie; 1961 
 8'You Guys Are Great, I Love You All,' Shep Told Players  1961 
 9Big Bankroll, Small Hat Siz--Bailey Takes Buildup in Stride Biederman, Les; 1963 
 10Jet-Swift Bosch Speeding Toward Buc Garden Post Fisher, Eddie; 1966 
 11Wrong Bounce Nips Jets' Bid to Repeat as Champs n; 1966 
 12Pair of Int's Skippers on Pilot Roster Frau, Miguel J.; 1966 
 13Mauch Rates '67 Phils His `Finest Ever' Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 14Mauch Calls New Coaching Staff Best He's Ever Had n; 1967 
 15Thad's Big Thrill--A Major Win After 7 Years in Minors Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 16Bunning's Rebirth on Hill Traced to Old-Style Delivery Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 17Phillies Will Sponsor First Instructional Loop Team n; 1967 
 18Boozer Curing Phil Hurlers of Blind Staggers Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 19Optimist Brown Tells Buc Fans of '68 Dreams Biederman, Les; 1967 
 20Hot Tamales From Mexican Meeting Kaegel, Dick and Stan Isle; 1967 
 21Shepard Asking Santa Claus for 15-Game Winner Biederman, Les; 1967 
 22Buccos' Skipper Will Call Meeting of Coaches on Spring-Drill Plans n; 1967 
 23Shepard Will Be Boss n; 1967 
 24Phils Think Young; Bucs Prefer Bunning: Mound Ace at 36, Still Big Winner Biederman, Les; 1967 
 25Buc Page One Deal Finally Happens Biederman, Les; 1967 
 26Shepard Given Task of Putting Some Lion Into `Lamby' Bucs Biederman, Les; 1967 
 27Larry Third Pilot to Lead Pirates in a Single Year n; 1967 
 28Ex-Thrower Wise is Wiser, Sharper After '67 Lessons Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 29Shepard Probing Bucco Soft Spots Biederman, Les; 1967 
 30How Did Doormats Beat Up on Bucs? Biederman, Les; 1967 
 31Shepard Learns the Hard Way; All Pilot Glitter is Not Gold Biederman, Les; 1968 
 32To Shepard, Losing is Major Calamity Biederman, Les; 1968 
 33Ninth-Inning Fadeouts Plague Pirates Biederman, Les; 1968 
 34Plus Ca Change  1968 
 35Buccos Fend Off Fat Bids For Stargell Biederman, Les; 1968 
 36Steve Blass--The Bucs' Money Pitcher Biederman, Les; 1968 
 37Buccos Drawing a Blank in Efforts to Make Deal  1968 
 38Hebner, Robertson Excite Bucs' Hopes For Power Pickup Biederman, Les; 1968 
 39Bucs' Shepard Counts Up His Blessings Biederman, Les; 1968 
 40Bucs Ruined Big Dreams by Shepard Biederman, Les; 1968 
 41Shepard Lecture Burns Buc Ears Biederman, Les; 1968 
 42Maury Steals Way Into Slight Rhubarb Biederman, Les; 1968 
 43Three Newcomers Sit On Buc Council Biederman, Les; 1968 
 44Bucs' Shepard Discounts Spring Training Record  1968 
 45Alley's Shoulder a Source of Concern, Shep Admits  1968 
 46Shepard to Have Full Quota of Aids  1968 
 47Shepard Shoots For Flag in Bow As Buc Skipper Biederman, Les; 1968 
 48Big Shepard Gamble Paid Huge Dividend in a Hurry Biederman, Les; 1968 
 49Shepard Sheds Shadows, Steps Into Limelight Kelly, Ray; 1968 
 50Larry Adds Three New Names to Coaching Staff  1968 
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