September 1, 2015
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 1How Pennants Are Won in the Winter Casey, Harry J.; 1914 
 2  1941 
 3  1941 
 4They're Simply Wild About Larry Russell, Fred; 1942 
 5  1944 
 6  1947 
 7Vol Feats: Records, History and Tales of the Nashville Club in the Southern Association 1901-1950 Russell, Fred; George Leonard; 1950 
 8 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 9Pitches 21 Innings in Day - One Run Russell, Fred; 1954 
 10Moving Up the Danger Stage Russell, Fred; 1954 
 11So Now They Call Me a Hero Rhodes, Jim(Dusty) as told to John M. Ross; 1955 
 12The Ballplayer and the Lady Russell, Fred and George Leonard; 1956 
 13The Miracle Braves Greene, Lee; 1964 
 14The Way He Figured It! Russell, Fred; 1965 
 15  1967 
 16Prof. Sain's Philosophy is Simple--Baffle Batter Spoelstra, Watson; 1969 
 17Be Hitter, Not Hurler, Pilot Gilbert Told Sain  1969 
 18The Southern Association And The Southern League: Baseball Way Down South In Dixie Obojski, Robert; 1975 
 19Lawrence William(Larry) Gilbert  1978 
 20Minor League Managers  1985 
 21Lawrence William (Larry) Gilbert  1985 
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