August 29, 2015
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 1Freshman Review Lardner, John; 1939 
 2Phillie-Mania Lardner, John; 1940 
 3Can Larry MacPhail Buy a Pennant? Stade, Yankee; 1941 
 4The Dodgers 1941: Today and Yesterday in Brooklyn Baseball Hoard, Clinton H., ed.; Charles Dexter; 1941 
 5Daffy Dodgers Monopolize the Headlines Again as Majors Open Their Spring-Training Grind  1942 
 6Side-Winder Frank, Stanley; 1942 
 7When the Records Are Mute Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1942 
 8Winning Combinations Veech, Ellis J.; 1945 
 9Foul Bawl Turkin, Hy; 1945 
 10Casey For Higbe For Two Grand Lardner, John; 1946 
 11No Black Ball for Black Jackie Turkin, Hy; 1946 
 12Speaking of Baseball Winerip, Harold; 1948 
 13Watch the Legion Finals Sheldon, Harold; 1950 
 14Heard in the Pressbox  1950 
 15The Rhubarb Patch: the Story of the Modern Brooklyn Dodgers Barber, Red, Pictures By Barney Stein; 1954 
 16Walter Kirby Higbe Smith, Ira; 1954 
 17Feller, Higbe Hurled For Legion Also-Rans  1960 
 18The High Hard One Higbe, Kirby; with Martin Quigley; 1967 
 19The Rookies Were Kookier Then Cantor, George; 1967 
 20 Ray, Ralph; 1968 
 21It's a Real Rat Race, But Umpiring Has Hook Hooked Cole, Bob; 1968 
 22They Had Real Duster Duels in '40s Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 23Kirby Higbe Honig, Donald; 1976 
 24Kirby Higbe Honig, Donald; 1976 
 25Sudol, N.L. Veteran, Cited as Majors' Ump of Year Willson, Brad; 1977 
 26  1985 
 27In the Fast Lane: Higbe Threw Hard, and He Lived the Same Way Bisher, Furman; 1985 
 28The Manila Dodgers Kawarsky, Irvin K.; 1994 
 29The High Hard One Higbe, Kirby; with Martin Quigley; 1998 
 30Country Boy Unbound: The Hard-Throwin', Hard-Writin' Kirby Higbe Bount, Roy, Jr.; 2007 
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