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 1Rookies of 1957  1957 
 2Youth Saves the Day  1958 
 3The Straight and Narrow Warpath Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 4The Straight and Narrow Warpath Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 5Big Three To Carry Brave Do-or-Die Stretch Drive Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 6'Unimpressive' Juan Blanks Cubs, Whiffs Dozen Batters  1960 
 7Dressen Too Conservative - Really Has Seven Starters Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 8Umpire Jackowski Busts Up Giant-Brave Beanball Battle Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 9Pizarro Takes Kinks Out of Braves' Staff By Junking Scroogie Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 10The Sa-Fra-Seeko Kid Terrell, Roy; 1960 
 11Braves Sing Sad September Song as Chuck Chants Bull-Pen Blues Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 12Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(Milwaukee Braves) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 13Dressen Tells: Broeg, Bob; 1960 
 14Chisox Mound Staff Shaky; Wynn's Sore Flipper Tough Blow Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 15Pizarro at 6-Win Plateau, Equals Top Big-Time Total  1961 
 16Chisox Southpaws Skid - Senor Leaning On Three Righthanders Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 17Pale Hose Busting All Their Buttons - It's Wonderful Juan Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 18`Tribe Loaded, If Perry, Bell Come Through'--Hamey King, Joe; 1961 
 19Valencia Cops Latin Crown With Victory Over Rapinos Guiterrez, Rodolfo; 1961 
 20Celebrates San Juan Flag by Taking Group to Caracas Frau, Miguel J.; 1961 
 21Senor Sizing Up `Super Seven' as Slickest Servers Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 22Braves Gambling on Kids to Shape Up as Slab Stars Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 23Herrnstein Shoots For Phil Picket Job With Homer Salvo Frau, Miguel; 1962 
 24Chicago White Sox Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 25Chicago White Sox Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 26Frank Lane, Trading Stainback, Berry; 1963 
 27Senor Puts Squeeze On Servers to Raise Their Victory Sights Munzel, Edgar; 1963 
 28Panama Wins Latin Crown On Lizondro's Five-Hitter Eberenz, Leo; 1963 
 29Pizarro's Gem Only Second in Inter-American History  1963 
 30Lopez Sees Nifty Hurlers Raising `63 Chisox Flag Munzel, Edgar; 1963 
 31Pizarro Zero Streak Ends  1963 
 32Wonderful Juan Flashing Early Speed With Help of Slow Curve Munzel, Edgar; 1963 
 33The Rough Rise of Juan Pizarro Hirshberg, Al; 1964 
 34How White Sox Out-Foxed Selves Furillo, Bud; 1964 
 35Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 36Al Lopez: "He'll Accept a Mistake Once, But Never Twice" Furlong, Bill; 1965 
 37Gary Peters & Juan Pizarro: Southpaw Sorcery Furlong, Bill; 1965 
 38National Leaguers Still Can't See Mantilla as Star Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 39Volatile Latin Fans Impress Fetzer Group Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 40Injuns Drive Off Wolves to Reach Finals of Playoff Frau, Miguel P.; 1965 
 41Hill Prize Pizarro Sparks Crabbers to Playoff Crown Frau, Miguel J.; 1965 
 42Secret Baseball Poll: the Inter-league Trades That Should Be Made Prato, Lou; 1966 
 43A Pictorial History of the White Sox: 1966 Yearbook  1966 
 44An Inside Report: Violence in Baseball Vecsey, George; 1967 
 45Former Pale Hose Twirler Not Wan to Bucs, But Wonderful Biederman, Les; 1967 
 46Pizarro is Called Home by Death of His Father n; 1967 
 47Pizarro and Jimenez Fined $150 Each in Dugout Brawl Biederman, Les; 1967 
 48Bucco Battery in Need of Recharging Biederman, Les; 1967 
 49Ponce, Arecibo, Caguas Open Season With Wins Frau, Miguel; 1967 
 50Santurce Sizzling Behind Hurlers Pizarro, Leonhard Frau, Miguel; 1967 
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