September 3, 2015
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 1Joshua (Josh) Gibson Lavelle, Robert;  
 2Blackball Superstars: Legendary Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues Collins, Ace; and John Hillman;  
 3Memoirs of Old Satch Lardner, John;  
 4 Wilson, W. Rollo; 1930 
 5Who Could Be More Colorful Than... Washington, Chester L.; 1936 
 6 Washington, Chester L.; 1937 
 7The New Gas House Gang Smith, Wendell; 1938 
 8 Smith, Wendell; 1940 
 9Grays' Baseball Skies Aren't So Blue Because Jolting Joshua Is Missing Washington, Chester L.; 1941 
 10Pittsburgh Will Try Negro Ball Players  1942 
 11The East-West Classic, Top Sports Event Bostic, Joe; 1943 
 12Colored Players May Find Their Way Into the Major Leagues Bernstein, Walter; 1943 
 13Josh the Basher  1943 
 14Josh the Basher  1943 
 15Baseball on Diplomatic Rocks Smith, Wendell; 1943 
 16No Diamond Dimout Frank, Stanley; 1943 
 17Josh the Basher n; 1943 
 18 Wilson, W. Rollo; 1944 
 19Quickies  1944 
 20Ace of Diamonds Cohen, Haskell; 1944 
 21New Day A-Comin'  1945 
 22Home-Run Josh  1945 
 23Recollections of Old Satch Lardner, John; 1946 
 24Iron Men of Baseball Morse, George C.; 1946 
 25  1947 
 26The Fabulous Satchel Paige Donovan, Richard; 1953 
 27He Out-Slugged the Bambino Cohen, Haskell; 1953 
 28The Best Catcher I Ever Saw Campanella, Roy; as told to Ed Linn; 1954 
 29 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1955 
 30Roy Campanella: Man of Courage Schoor, Gene; 1959 
 31Are There Too Many Negroes in Baseball? Veeck, Bill as told to Louie Robinson; 1960 
 32Maybe I'll Pitch Forever Paige, LeRoy (Satchel) As Told To David Lipman; 1962 
 33How Far Can Gibson Go? Vecsey, George; 1965 
 34This Was Josh Gibson Burnes, Robert L.; 1967 
 35Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame Smith, Chet; Marty Wolfson; 1969 
 36Old-Time Negro Stars Get Shrine Boost  1969 
 37Josh Gibson: Greatest Slugger of Them All Holway, John; 1970 
 38Josh Gibson Stood Alone Holway, John; 1970 
 39Only the Ball Was White Peterson, Robert; 1970 
 40Too Good - Too Soon Henderson, Edwin B.; 1970 
 41Josh Peterson, Robert; 1970 
 42Josh Gibson : Hero of the Thirties Empego, Oshun; 1971 
 43Greatest Battery Ever Peterson, Robert; 1971 
 44Josh Gibson Was the Equal of Babe Ruth, But... Peterson, Robert; 1971 
 45Josh Gibson Was the Equal of Babe Ruth, But... Negro Players Peterson, R.; 1971 
 46Written Off and Wasted Twombly, Wells; 1971 
 47Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard In Baseball's Hall of Fame  1972 
 48Josh the Great  1972 
 49Josh Gibson: Greatest Slugger of 'Em All  1972 
 50Lament For Josh Gibson Ikan, Ronald; 1972 
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