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 1Brooklyn Dodgers 5, Boston Braves 3 Cannon, Jimmy; 1947 
 2John Sain, First Braves' Pitcher To Win 20 Games in One Season  1947 
 3The Braves: the Pick and the Shovel Hirshberg, Al; 1948 
 4Musial of Cardinals Again Is Voted 'Most Valuable' in National League Drebinger, John; 1948 
 5Pitching Pays  1948 
 6Baseball: Sain, Spahn & Co.  1948 
 7Sain Is Sound Nason, Jerry; 1948 
 8Jug-Handle Johnny  1949 
 9Major League Baseball Salsinger, H.G.; Heilman, Harry; and Don Black, eds.; 1949 
 10John Franlin (Johnny) Sain, Jr.: "Twenty-Game Winner for Three Consecutive Years" Waldman, Frank; 1949 
 11Man of a Thousand Curves  1949 
 12Johnny Sain Ajemian, Bob; 1950 
 13Old Guard of Elliott, Sain and Spahn Still Spark 'New' Braves; Righthander Johnny Ahead of His Best Seasons; Third Baseman Bob Again Aims for 100 RBIs Ajemian, Bob; 1950 
 14Johnny Sain Ajemian, Bob; 1950 
 15  1950 
 16What Really Happened To the Boston Braves Hirshberg, Al; 1950 
 17Spahn: the Sensible Southpaw Kaese, Harold; 1950 
 18Never Saw a Report Like It; Leo Durocher Pays Tribute To Brooklyn Scout's Analysis of the N.Y. Yankees Which Didn't Pull Giants Through But Will Make Fuel For the Hot-Stove League  1951 
 19The Boston Braves Kaese, Harold; 1951 
 20 Koppett, Leonard; 1953 
 21Castoff Clicking Maver, Alan; 1953 
 22Sain Reveals Retirement  1953 
 23Reynolds Says Johnny Sain's Retirement Won't Affect Place Richman, Milton; 1953 
 24Sain Approach Ciampa, Fred; 1954 
 25 Carmichael, John P.; 1954 
 26An Umpire is Better Than a Picture  1954 
 27 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 28 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 29Political Upheaval  1954 
 30 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 31The World Series Ends Today, But Ball Players Are Still in Business Cordtz, Dan; 1955 
 32The Turnover is Terrific Silverman, Al; 1955 
 33What a Difference a Ballpark Makes Paxton, Harry T.; 1959 
 34Long Purchase One of Many Late Deals Made By Yankees Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 35The Greatest Game I Ever Saw Spahn, Warren; 1960 
 36New York Yankees Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 37Houk Grips Yank Reins Like Born Leader: Talks Straight From Shoulder--Players Learn Who's Boss; Pilot to Have Final Say on Hill Starters Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 38Whitey Makes Sure Smart Foes Won't 'Read' Pitches  1961 
 39Duster 10 Pct. of Pitching in Brosnan's Book Walfoort, Cleon; 1961 
 40Whitey Throws For 30 Bingham, Walter; 1961 
 41Gibbs Flashes 100-Grand Style in First Yankee Drill King, Joe; 1961 
 42Houk Sees Yank Mound Depth Collaring Fast-Starting Rivals King, Joe; 1961 
 43New York Yankees Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 44Houk and Sain to `Rewrite' Yank Book on A.L. Hitters n; 1961 
 45Sain, Bombers' Hill Coach, Flies Own Plane to Camp n; 1961 
 46Class D to Yankee Stadium? Sheldon Poised for Big Leap n; 1961 
 47Pitch Like a Pro; Yankee Coach's Ball-on-a-Stick Teaches You How  1963 
 48Positively Sain Masin, Herman L.; 1963 
 49Coaches Crosetti And Sain Inked By Bombers For `63  1963 
 50Sain's New Gadget Sharpens Up Servers: Device Helps Hurler Learn to Apply Spin Ferdenzi, Til; 1963 
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