August 31, 2015
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 1Young Men at Work, Maybe Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 2Chicago White Sox  1959 
 3Chicago White Sox  1959 
 4  1960 
 5Secory Sounds 'Cease Firing' After Giant-Phil Duster Duel Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 6Phils Staggered By Injury Wave; Koppe Sidelined Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 7  1960 
 8Battered Phils Stumble Trying To Vacate Cellar Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 9Phillies Seek Silver Lining as Woes Pile; Two Regulars Hurt Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 10  1960 
 11Philadelphia Phillies  1960 
 12Rating the Rookies  1960 
 13Philadelphia Phillies  1960 
 14Rating the Rookies  1960 
 15Skinner's Blast 'Dedicates' New Bleachers at Denver Bowie, Bob; 1961 
 16Mauch Puts `Open' Sign on Six Jobs Lewis, Allen; 1961 
 17Callison, Koppe Pegged as Phils' `Comeback Kids' Lewis, Allen; 1961 
 18Southpaw Callison Helped Phils Flip Lefty Patsy Tage Lewis, Allen; 1962 
 19Fast-Stepping Phillies Cook Up Surprise With Set `63 Lineup Lewis, Allen; 1962 
 20Phils See Demeter Adding HR Punch to Nifty Picket Patrol Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 21Top of Ten in N.L. Triples Now Low Record For Leader Sutton, Keith; 1963 
 22Callison Counting The Calories--But He's Only Trying to Add `Em Kelly, Ray; 1963 
 23Phillies Smack Lips as Wine Pops Cork on New Plate Punch Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 24Callison Hikes RBI Goals From Lower Spot in Phil Lineup Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 25Mays, Bruton, Willie Davis, Flood Topped 400 Putouts  1963 
 26Phil Picket Line Loaded With Dynamite: Demeter, Callison, Gonzalez Could Match Majors' Best King, Joe; 1963 
 27Philadelphia Phillies 6, New York Mets 0 Young, Dick; 1964 
 28Let's Go, Phillies! Olsen, Jack; 1964 
 29The Phils Take Off Astor, Gerald; Photos by Thomas Koeniges; 1964 
 30A Week With the Phillies Hano, Arnold; 1964 
 31John Callison: Maturity Came Hard Furlong, Bill; 1964 
 32National League Beats American, 7-4, On Homer in Ninth Koppett, Leonard; 1964 
 33'Like a Big Infection'  1964 
 34How to Succeed n; 1964 
 35How Phils Blew Big Lead, Flag Lewis, Allen; 1964 
 36  1965 
 37Johnny Callison: "I'm the Biggest Worrier Around" Cope, Myron; 1965 
 38My Toughest Batters Koufax, Sandy with Milton Gross; 1965 
 39  1965 
 40Johnny Callison: Golden Boy Robinson, Ray; 1965 
 41How Veeck Hurt the Sox Vass, George; 1965 
 42Reminder of All-Star Defeat No Joke to Hub's Rescue Ace n; 1965 
 43The Managers Pick Baseball's Greatest Clutch Players Prato, Lou; 1966 
 44Ten Cadidates for Superstardom: But Will Anyone Make It? Allen, Maury; 1966 
 45`It Was Balk,' Umps Decided, But Then Phils Blew the Duke Lewis, Allen; 1966 
 46The Eyes Have It! Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1966 
 47Phil Lefty Hitters Tap Ron n; 1966 
 48 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 49Chris Short Joins Long List of Phils' Sick and Wounded Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 50Signal From Wife Tips Off Callison That He's Ready for Return to Duty n; 1967 
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