September 5, 2015
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 1Royals Shy Away From Double Bills McGuff, Joe; 1974 
 2Royals Find Bullpen Help in the `Hall-Way' McGuff, Joe; 1976 
 3Royals Deal After Whiffing on Free Agents McGuff, Joe; 1976 
 4Omaha's Patchin Clambers From Suspect to Prospect Ash, Tom; 1976 
 5Royals' Wathan Super Clutch Swatter Black, Del; 1977 
 6Slumping Stars On Bench - Subs Revive Shaky Royals Black, Del; 1977 
 7Charlie Lau On Hitting Bethel, Dell; 1978 
 8The Duke Does a Princely Job as Royal Fill-In Black, Del; 1978 
 9'Cornfield John' Sweet Music To Royals' Ears Bordman, Sid; 1979 
 10Murray's Steal of Home Seventh of A.L. Season  1979 
 11K.C. Takes Off On Willie's Wings Kaplan, Jim; 1979 
 12Royals Tap Wathan To Fill Porter's Shoes Black, Del; 1980 
 13Role Players Glitter in Their Own Style Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 14The Duke Responds Royally For K.C. Bordman, Sid; 1980 
 15The Royals Are Flush Fimrite, Ron; 1980 
 16Royals' Wathan Happy in a Backup Role Black, Del; 1980 
 17Wathan Can Do It All, Royals Claim DeArmond, Mike; 1980 
 18Royals Run, Run, Run Away With West Title DeArmond, Mike; 1980 
 19Brett Show Is a Big Hit: .400 Chase Gets Hot, By George DeArmond, Mike; 1980 
 20K.C. Catcher Wathan Must Fill Big Shoes McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 21Wathan Tired of Waiting, Wants No. 1 Catching Job DeArmond, Mike; 1981 
 22Family Funtime McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 23'No Use Worrying' - Royals' McRae McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 24Speedy Royals Won't Green Light McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 25Royals' Catchers Reassured By Disinterest Over Fisk McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 26Daily Duty Curbs Wathan Weaknesses McKenzie, Mike; 1981 
 27Wathan Performs Like He Never Left McKenzie, Mike; 1982 
 28Wathan Out To Prove He's a No. 1 Catcher McKenzie, Mike; 1982 
 29Quip Artist, Rescue Ace: Quisenberry Uses Submarine Style To Tame Hitters McKenzie, Mike; 1982 
 30A Tip For Runners: Wathan Can Throw McKenzie, Mike; 1982 
 31John Wathan James, Bill; 1982 
 32A Struggling Gura Aims For 20 Wins McKenzie, Mike; 1983 
 33Dan Quisenberry: Baseball's Best Reliever Is An Underhanded Guy Rand, Jonathan; 1983 
 34Wathan, Slaught a Tip-Top Tandem McKenzie, Mike; 1983 
 35Left Side Unlucky in Royals' Injuries McKenzie, Mike; 1983 
 36Aikens Benched Against Lefties McKenzie, Mike; 1983 
 37Willie WILSON, Kansas City James, Bill; 1983 
 38Hal McRAE, Kansas City James, Bill; 1983 
 39Nobody Does It as Well as Quiz Fish, Mike; 1984 
 40A Royals Original Bids Club Goodbye Fish, Mike; 1984 
 41Black Helps K.C. Climb Into Race Fish, Mike; 1984 
 42Positive Step in the World of Phony Turf Gammons, Peter; 1985 
 43Wathan Is Enjoying Sundays in the Park Fish, Mike; 1985 
 44The Fall of the Roman Umpire Luciano, Ron; David Fisher; 1986 
 45Oh-and-Two: When the Count Goes To Two Strikes, the Pitcher-Hitter Battle Really Gets Interesting Knobler, Danny; 1989 
 46 Nightengale, Bob; 1989 
 47Hey, Jose, Can a Healthy Bo Reach 40-40, Too? Downey, Mike; 1989 
 48 Nightengale, Bob; 1989 
 49Without Relief, Royals May OK Deal Nightengale, Bob; 1989 
 50Tarnished Gold: Why Don't the Best Fielders Win the Gold Gloves Kaplan, Jim; 1989 
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