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 1The Tough Days of Baseball   
 3John McGraw Bibliography (through July 1984) National Baseball Library;  
 4A Preliminary Index to "McGraw of the Giants," By Frank Graham (1944), Prepared By Leverett T. Smith Jr. of SABR's Bibliography Committee Smith, Leverett T., Jr.;  
 5Unpublished Memoirs Kieran, John;  
 6Buck Weaver Weaver, Buck; as told to Hal Totten;  
 7  1892 
 8New York Giants 4, Baltimore Orioles 1  1894 
 9The Contest For the Temple Cup Between the Champion Baltimores and the New Yorks  1894 
 10Pennant Souvenir of the Baltimore Base Ball Club Guy, D. Dorsey; 1894 
 11  1896 
 12  1896 
 13  1896 
 14  1896 
 15  1896 
 16  1896 
 17  1896 
 18  1896 
 19  1896 
 20  1896 
 21  1896 
 22  1896 
 23  1896 
 24  1896 
 25  1896 
 26  1896 
 27Boston On Top  1897 
 28McGraw in New League; Baltimore Baseball Player Signs With Johnson's Organization  1900 
 29The New Baseball League; Six Cities Are Already Bound to the Agreement and Providence and Philadelphia May Come In  1900 
 30Players Organize Richter, Francis C.; 1900 
 31A Big Baseball Deal; Baltimore is to Sell McGraw, Robinson, and Other Players to New York for $15,000  1900 
 32McGraw and Robinson  1900 
 33Events of a Day in the Field of Sport  1900 
 34Baseball Circuit Reduced to Eight Clubs; Freedman Wins His Fight; McGraw and Robinson of Baltimore Will Probably Play in New York  1900 
 35McGraw's Legal Adviser Stackhouse, George E.; 1901 
 36Base-Ball Bickerings Stackhouse, George E.; 1901 
 37Rowdies Not Wanted in Baseball Stackhouse, George E.; 1902 
 38Good-By, M'Graw  1902 
 39Opening of the Baseball Season Burchell, Henry P.; 1903 
 40The Science of Baseball McGraw, John J.; 1904 
 41New York Giants 2, Philadelphia Athletics 0  1905 
 42McGraw's Official Baseball Guide McGraw, John J.; 1905 
 43Training With a Big League Team - The Giants Bulger, Bozeman C.; 1905 
 44 Force, Frank E.; 1906 
 45Scientific Baseball McGraw, John J.; 1906 
 46Outlook for the Baseball Season of 1906 Morse, Jacob C.; 1906 
 47Scientific Baseball McGraw, John J.; 1907 
 48Chicago Cubs 4, New York Giants 2 Brown, Mordecai; as told to Jack Ryan; 1908 
 49Baseball McCutcheon, John T.; Cartoons by the author; 1908 
 50Leading Lights of the Diamond in Action  1908 
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