September 4, 2015
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 1Bengals' Reliever Once Hurled 12 Straight Days n; 1967 
 2Tigers' Hiller Paints Fancy Picture With a Whitewash Brush Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 3Tigers Hope Florida Kings Produce Like '63 Winners n; 1967 
 4Detroit Tigers n; 1967 
 5Aging Tiger Kaline is Hard As Nails As 16th Season Nears Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 6Tigers Replace Old Heads With Kids in Bullpen Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 7Unheralded Dobson and Hiller Win Tiger Headlines Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 8Hiller Whiffs First Six Indians for New Record  1968 
 9Superstition Confines Hiller's Wife  1968 
 10Homers Produce 12 Runs in 15-1 Mayaguez Romp  1970 
 11Simpson, Valle Earn Top Awards in Puerto Rico  1970 
 12Freehan Ready...But Hiller's On Shelf Spoelstra, Watson; 1971 
 13No Mound Job Too Tough For Relaxed Lefty Lolich Spoelstra, Watson; 1971 
 14Hiller Hailed as Hero; Whipped Heart Ailment Spoelstra, Watson; 1972 
 15Heart Patient Hiller Given Okay to Rejoin Tigers Spoelstra, Watson; 1972 
 16Heart Victim John Hiller Named Farm Club Tutor Spoelstra, Watson; 1972 
 17Freehan Primed to Pace Tigers' Pennant Push Spoelstra, Watson; 1972 
 18Baseball or a Clown Act? n; 1972 
 19For Sheer Courage, Tigers' Hiller Wins Top Prize Spoelstra, Watson; 1972 
 20Hiller Wins Key Game, 5-1 n; 1972 
 21Pitching a No-quitter Leggett, William; 1973 
 22Hiller's Heart Shalit, Gene; 1973 
 23You Gotta Have Heart n; 1973 
 24n; 1973 
 25Hiller a Refresing Fellow Falls, Joe; 1973 
 26Heart-Attack Victim to Ace of Bullpen--Tigers' Hiller Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 27Tigers Using Power Play to Maul A.L. Rivals Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 28A Saving Specialty n; 1973 
 29The Relief Pitcher's Greatest Save--His Life Hiller, John; 1973 
 30Hiller Wishes Heart Attack Had Hit Him 10 Years Ago Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 31Hiller Sets A.L. Save Record n; 1973 
 32Hiller, Marshall Set Relief Marks Roewe, Chris; 1973 
 33Will High Command Overrate Tigers--Again? Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 34Tiger of Year? Reliever Hiller by Landslide Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 35Hiller, Dave Johnson Win Comeback Crowns Henkey, Ben; 1973 
 36Hutch Award for 1973 Goes to Tigers' Hiller n; 1973 
 37Accurate Gauge for Relievers n; 1973 
 38John Hiller's Heart Is in the Right Place Falls, Joe; 1974 
 39A Pitcher With Heart - That's John Hiller Stolze, Craig; 1974 
 40Enter the Major Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 41The Meaning of Baseball Falls, Joe; 1974 
 42John Hiller: Tigers' One-Man Bullpen Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 43Few Tigers Likely to Lick Pay Wounds Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 44Scherman Shakes Off DH Dust, Looks for Speedy Astro Takeoff Heiling, Joe; 1974 
 45Hiller Suggests New Fireman Yardstick--Runners Who Score Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 46Tigers Tops as Autograph Collectors Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 47`Give Me Assist for Lolich Turnaround'--Hiller Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 48Marshall, Hiller Hold Top Rung as Firemen Roewe, Chris; 1974 
 49Campbell Denies Bengals' Greybeard Rap Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 50Hiller's Fat Victory Total Hides Inept Relief Efforts Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
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