September 4, 2015
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 1Chandler OK of Galbreath, Crosby as Pirate Stockholders New Departure Daniel, Daniel M.; 1946 
 2  1946 
 3  1950 
 4Happy Landing Smith, Red; 1951 
 5The Pittsburgh Pirates Lieb, Fred; 1951 
 6What Should the Major Leagues Do To Help Save the Minors?  1954 
 7John Galbreath: Buildings, Brood Mares, and Baseball Sheehan, Robert; 1955 
 8Baseball's Astounding Blueprint Mann, Arthur; 1955 
 9What About the National League and New York? Young, Dick; 1958 
 10What a Load of Rhubarb! Gaven, Michael; 1958 
 11Tycoon Galbreath Typical Fan; 'Lives and Dies' With His Bucs Biederman, Led; 1960 
 12Smiling Galbreath Busting With Pride Over His Bucs Keck, Harry; 1960 
 13'Rags To Riches' Galbreath Will Receive Alger Award Biederman, Lester; 1960 
 14Owners Meet, Back Frick in Fighting Kefauver Bill Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 15Gems and Jibes Overheard On Big-Time Trail Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 16Cleaning Women, Porters Series Guests of Galbreath Biederman, Les; 1960 
 17Pennant-Mad Pittsburgh Fans Dance in the Streets  1960 
 18Pirates Celebrate Clincher With a Champagne Shower Biederman, Les; 1960 
 19Men Who Know Hail Dan as Master Handler: Galbreath and Brown Lead Buccos' Cheers Keck, Harry; 1960 
 20Champ Pirates Boast Strong Leaders  1960 
 21Pension Group Admits Skippers, Votes Hike in Retirement Benefits: Five-Year Performer Will Get $125 Monthly at Age of 50 Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 22Realignment Among Issues Studied at Columbus Parley Fisher, Eddie; 1961 
 23The World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates Groat, Dick; Bill Surface; 1961 
 24Pittsburgh Jaycees Honor Galbreath as `Man of Year' Biederman, Les; 1961 
 25Galbreath Sees Bucs Repeating in 5-Team Fight Burns, Jimmy; 1961 
 26Bucs Refuse to Take Bait--Shrug Off Dressen's Crack Biederman, Les; 1961 
 27Buccos Pay $4 Dividend, First in Nearly 15 Years Biederman, Les; 1961 
 28Huge Nest Egg--Tidy $16 Million in Pension Fund Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 29New Aid Setup For Minors Draws Favorable Response Kachline, Clifford; 1962 
 30Major League Baseball Players Benefit Plan: Annual Report Galbreath, John; 1963 
 31Pittsburgh's Planners Propose $45 Million Downtown Stadium Biederman, Les; 1963 
 32Galbreath Leads Good-Will Tour of Buccos' Brass Huggins, Allen; 1963 
 33Wise Course By Owner Galbreath  1963 
 34Day of Pride for Galbreath  1963 
 35Pittsburgh Sports Ed Warns, `Build Park or Lose Pirates'  1963 
 36Buc Shift Possible, Says Galbreath  1963 
 37Slow Search For Another Frick Mann, Jack; 1965 
 38Walker Proud of His Buccos' Stretch Battle n; 1966 
 39Caught Off Base  1968 
 40Galbreath Gives Clemente Horse, `Batting Champion'  1968 
 41Buccos. Steelers Cheer Start of New Stadium Biederman, Les; 1968 
 42Owners Okay Prexy Giles' Proposal  1968 
 43  1969 
 44Simplicity and Directness Two Galbreath Guidelines McHugh, Roy; 1970 
 45Park Upkeep Crisis in Columbus Again  1970 
 46A Big Treat For Buc Employees  1971 
 47Galbreath Dickering for Hialeah? n; 1972 
 48A Man of Quality n; 1973 
 49Every Club Represented on N.L. Expansion Group Lang, Jack; 1974 
 50Minor Differences Among Major Moguls Koppett, Leonard; 1976 
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