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 1Unpublished Memoirs Kieran, John;  
 2New Yankee Stadium Practically Needs Only a Baseball Game and Umpire To Look Natural Kieran, John; 1922 
 3Pitcher Cullop Shapes Up as Baseball Jack-of-All-Trades Kieran, John; 1923 
 4Yankees Mean Business This Time in Disposing of Pitcher Kieran, John; 1923 
 5Yankees Retreat Before Indians' Attack Kieran, John; 1925 
 6Ty Cobb, Manager Kieran, John; 1925 
 7A Query Kieran, John; 1927 
 8Was There Ever a Guy Like Ruth? Kieran, John; 1927 
 9Baseball Memories Kieran, John; 1927 
 10 Kieran, John; 1927 
 11Ballad of Baseball Kieran, John; 1927 
 12What Every Ball Player Knows Kieran, John; 1928 
 13The McGraws and the Cohens Kieran, John; 1928 
 14World's Series Heroes Kieran, John; 1928 
 15Miller J. Huggins Kieran, John; 1929 
 16Hug Kieran, John; 1929 
 17Big-League Business Kieran, John; 1930 
 18From Quadrangle to Diamond Kieran, John; 1933 
 19The Little Round Man Goes Out Kieran, John; 1934 
 20The Faultless Pitcher Kieran, John; 1934 
 21The Faultless Pitcher Kieran, John; 1934 
 22There Goes the Ball Game! Kieran, John; Drawings by F. G. Cooper; 1937 
 23Pity the Poor Scorer Daniel, Daniel M.; 1937 
 24Screwballs Kieran, John; Drawings by F.G. Cooper; 1938 
 25'Gehrig Day' Moves Throng To Tears Rennie, Rud; Kieran, John; 1939 
 26Mickey Cochrane Author of "Baseball - The Fan's Game"  1939 
 27Mickey Cochrane Author of "Baseball - The Fan's Game"  1939 
 28The Deadly March of Culture Lardner, John; 1941 
 29The American Sporting Scene Kieran, John, Pictures By Joseph W. Golinken; 1941 
 30Baseball Kieran, John; Picture by Joseph L. Golonkin; 1941 
 31  1944 
 32  1945 
 33Official Scoring No Picnic Rumill, Ed; 1949 
 34Walking the Baseball Beat Bloodgood, Clifford; 1949 
 35Baseball Pay Too High? Panel to Umpire Question  1951 
 36  1952 
 37  1952 
 38The Unoffical Side of Official Scoring Falls, Joe; 1965 
 39Press-Box Poets...An Extinct Breed: Days Before Yesterday Cohane, Tim; 1970 
 40Three Writers to Share Spink Award n; 1973 
 41Brown, Kieran, Drebby Typewriter Titans Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 42No Cheering in the Press Box Holtzman, Jerome, Ed.; 1974 
 43John Kieran Holtzman, Jerome, Ed.; 1974 
 44Old Pals Mickey, Whitey Steal Shrine Show Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 45Baseball As I Have Known It Lieb, Fred; 1977 
 46Hit For 'Nice Guy' in Old Scoring Lieb, Fred; 1980 
 47  1981 
 48No Cheering in the Press Box Holtzman, Jerome, Ed.; 1995 
 49Baseball As I Have Known It Lieb, Fred; 1996 
 50John Kieran (2 August 1892-10 December 1981) Curran, William; 1996 
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