September 2, 2015
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 1Mapes Muscles into Yank Story Trimble, Joe; 1950 
 2Phil Rizzuto: A Biography of the Scooter Trimble, Joe; 1951 
 3Yogurt For Yogi Trimble, Joe; 1952 
 4Yogi Berra Trimble, Joe; 1952 
 5The Scooter (Phil Rizzuto) Trimble, Joe; 1952 
 6The Yankees' Troubled Ace Trimble, Joe; 1953 
 7 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 8Paradise at Last Trimble, Joe; 1955 
 9Yogi Berra Trimble, Joe; 1956 
 10Milwaukee Braves 5, New York Yankees 0 Trimble, Joe; 1957 
 11The Yankees' New No. 1 Catcher Trimble, Joe; 1959 
 12Inter-Loop Swapping Creates New Job Trimble, Joe; 1960 
 13The "Giveaway" Evens the Score Trimble, Joe; 1961 
 14Houk Lets Mick Decide Whether He's Fit To Play Trimble, Joe; 1961 
 15Desire to Excel Stamped DiMag as Club Leader Trimble, Joe; 1961 
 16Solution Seen to Southern Segregation Problem Trimble, Joe; 1961 
 17Baseball's Most Exciting Players Trimble, Joe; 1963 
 18Baseball's New Idol Trimble, Joe; 1963 
 19Something Missing From Yankee Camp--N.Y. Writers Addie, Bob; 1963 
 20Impossible, Implausible, Unbelievable Trimble, Joe; 1965 
 21Cutting Remark Trimble, Joe; 1965 
 22Yogi Berra Trimble, Joe; 1965 
 23Who Voted for Cesar Tovar? Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1967 
 24Typewriter is Potent Weapon in Hands of Young or Trimble Rosenthal, Harold; 1967 
 25Where 'Instant Heroes' Are Born: Writers Have Ball at Shea Stadium Maley, Don; 1968 
 26When Writer Chums Meet Falls, Joe; 1970 
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