August 29, 2015
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 1A Live Wire Baseball Promoter Ward, John J.; 1924 
 2The Ivory Industry McGeehan, W.O.; 1928 
 3  1935 
 4  1944 
 5  1944 
 6Dodgers Set Back Yankees By 8 To 6 For 3-3 Series Tie Drebinger, John; 1947 
 7Lefty Joe Page of the Yankees, One of the Best Relief Specialists in the Game  1947 
 8  1947 
 9I Was Baseball's Bad Boy Page, Joe with Joe Trimble; 1948 
 10Yankee Doodles Gross, Milton; 1948 
 11  1948 
 12My Friend Joe Page Parker, Dan; 1950 
 13Page, Joe  1950 
 14Joe Page Epstein, Ben; 1950 
 15Answer to Casey's Prayers Jacobs, Bruce; 1950 
 16World Series Film Has Few High Spots, But It Has Page Lewis, Franklin; 1950 
 17  1952 
 18Will Relief Pitchers Win the Flag Again? Broeg, Bob; 1953 
 19Bedtime Story Biederman, Les; 1954 
 20 Bennett, Biff; 1955 
 21The Relief Pitcher is a Big Shot Now Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1956 
 22I Don't Care Who They Are - All Ball Players Are Afraid Tebbetts, George (Birdie); with Tim Cohane; 1957 
 23The Gay Reliever Hernon, Jack; 1958 
 24Stengel, Legend and Fact Meany, Tom; 1959 
 25Have the Lefties Gone Right? Dexter, Charles; 1959 
 26He Who Pitches Last - Daley, Arthur; Illustrated by Marc Simont; 1960 
 27Yank Relievers Lose Old-Time Magic: Hot-and-Cold Firemen Give Stengel Chills King, Joe; 1960 
 28The Game That Joe Page Fixed Greene, Doc; 1960 
 29Busy Luis Sets Club Record  1961 
 30Where Are They Now?  1965 
 31That Damp Thing Dexter, Charles; 1965 
 32Hugh Casey - Joe Page Shapiro, Milton J.; 1967 
 33Bullpen Has Been Pride of the Yankees Since '27 Waters, Bob; 1972 
 34Relief Pitchers: Specialists in Crisis Grosshandler, Stanley; 1972 
 35  1973 
 36The Real Joe Page  1973 
 37The Reliever Makes the Difference Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 38Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? the Story of America's Last Hero Allen, Maury; 1975 
 39Joe Page Still Thankful Despite Ill Winds Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 40Tigers Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 41Once They Heard the Cheers Heinz, W.C.; 1979 
 42The Relief Pitcher Thorn, John; 1979 
 43The Fireman Heinz, W.C.; 1979 
 44Joseph Francis Page Smith, Red; 1980 
 45Joseph Page  1980 
 46The Scooter: the Phil Rizzuto Story Schoor, Gene; 1982 
 47Joe Page Gallagher, Mark; 1984 
 48Summer of '49 Halberstam, David; 1989 
 49Legitimizing the Fireman Carroll, Bob; 1990 
 50The Evolution of the Save Record Ringolsby, Tracy; 1990 
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