August 30, 2015
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 1Phillie Take To Road Without Fears as To What's in Store; a Steady Pace, Nome Or Abroad; No Spurts Or Slumps For Them; Everything Going Well With the Champions, Though Moran Could Use Another Winning Pitcher Weart, William; 1916 
 2Boston Braves 1, Brooklyn Robins 1 Blanpied, Ralph D.; 1920 
 3The Sad Story of the Failing Veterans Lieb, Frederick G.; 1924 
 4The Sad Story of the Failing Veterans Lieb, Frederick G.; 1924 
 5 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 6The Philadelphia Phillies Baumgartner, Stan; 1951 
 726 Innings To a Tie  1955 
 8Rixey, Oeschger Welcomed College Grad Baumgartner  1963 
 9Nixon-Humphrey Outdid Cadore-Oeschger Allen, Lee; 1968 
 1050 Years Ago - Longest Game Ever in Majors McDonald, Jack; 1970 
 11 DuVall, Bob; 1970 
 12Joe Oeschger Remembers Carranco, Lynwood; 1980 
 13Baseball Has Survived Its Share of Marathon Games Bisher, Furman; 1985 
 14Oeschger's 26-Inning Masterpiece Remembered McDonald, Jack; 1986 
 15  1986 
 16The 26-Inning Duel Macht, Norman L.; 1990 
 17St. Mary's Has Sent Players to Majors for 100 Years Lavoie, Steven; 1998 
 18The 26-Inning Duel Macht, Norman L.; 2002 
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