August 30, 2015
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 1Champ Modesto Rookie Duplicates Epstein Feat n; 1967 
 2Richie Allen's Brother Wins Third Topps Prize  1968 
 3What Position for Joe Lis? Phillies Wonder Goldblatt, Abe; 1968 
 4Peninsula Cops Gate Prize as Carolina Opens Moskowitz, Bob; 1968 
 5Phils Sold On Force-Feeding of Kids Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 6Emerald Lineup Contains a Gem: Long-Hitting Lis Harvey, Paul; 1970 
 7Lis Lights Up Phil Plan to Add Punch Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 8Curve No Problem Now For Homer Leader Lis  1970 
 9Eight Pitchers Named as Toppers of Month  1970 
 10 Roth, Allan; 1971 
 11Newcomer Freed Already Tabbed Phil Regular Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 12Phils' Prospect Lis Gets Go-Ahead From Medics Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 13Joe Lis Adds Dynamite to Ems' Homer Drive n; 1972 
 14Calvin Plugs Some Twin Holes, Creates Others Fowler, Bob; 1972 
 15Phils to Put Tovar at 3rd Base n; 1972 
 16Fuel Added to Fire Following Brawl Between Phillies, Expos n; 1972 
 17Lazzeri's Record Safe, Despite Barrage by Lis n; 1972 
 18Tough Breaks Fail to Dent Lis' Confidence in His Bat Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 19Topps Rewards Promoted Stars n; 1972 
 20Bedraggled Phils Give Kids Chance Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 21Possum, Bam-Bam Strike Terror for Twins Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 22Snake-Eyes or 7--All Eyes Trained on Griffith's Dice Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 23Carew Squawks at Twin Talk of First-Base Shift Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 24Spare Parts Play Vital Role for Tribe Schneider, Russell; 1974 
 25Indians Starring in New Wounded Knee Act Schneider, Russell; 1974 
 26Even in Off-Season, Baseball Players Go To Bat For the Team Revzin, Phillip; 1976 
 27Deadlock Irks Tribe's Early Arrivals Bell and Lis Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 28Carty Leaves Tepee With Tears in His Eyes Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 29MVP Award is Shared by Three I.L. Stalwarts Matthews, Bob; 1976 
 30Lis Leads Alumni Night as Hens Down Tidewater n; 1976 
 31Lis Leads I.L. All-Star Team n; 1976 
 32Pride and Pension Make Lis a Happy Indian Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 33Quick-Grower Griffin Brightens Indian Summer Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 34Lis Has a New Contract - And New Outlook, Too  1979 
 35Cleveland Indians Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1997 
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