October 20, 2014
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 1Rochester's Fans Celebrate Pennant Kritzer, Cy; 1966 
 2Mike Andrews Gets Top Billing in Bosox Hunt for Keystoner Claflin, Larry; 1966 
 3The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1966 
 4Kids Who Boom in the Spring Brody, Tom C.; 1966 
 5Many Salary Raises Seen Carmichael, John P.; 1966 
 6You Can't Cut Corners Vass, George; 1966 
 7Once Aloof Yankees Are Eager to Talk Swaps Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 8Gentleman Jim Rated a Cinch for Young Award Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 9More Hurling Tops Bosox '68 Needs Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 10Red Sox Come Alive, Bury Cards Under 4-HR Salvo Kahan, Oscar; 1967 
 11Foy's One All-Star Vote Narrows Gap on Brooksie n; 1967 
 12Foy's House Burns Down, His Bat Scorches Hurlers Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 13Yaz `Just Fantastic' In Sparking Bosox Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 14Red Sox Turn Triple Play in 5-1 Win Over Orioles n; 1967 
 15Bosox Slumpers Feel Pilot's Wrath Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 16Williams Agrees With Tony C. on Pennant Credit Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 17Bosox Aiming to Tap Foy's Huge Potential Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 18Foy Bringing Joy at Third For Red Sox Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 19An Inside Report: Violence in Baseball Vecsey, George; 1967 
 20Behind the Red Sox Turnabout Yastrzemski, Carl; as told to Al Hirshberg; 1967 
 21  1967 
 22Gaping Holes in Hub Infield; Only Andrews Stems the Tide Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 23Foy Calls Williams 'Two-Faced Sneak': Angry Shots From Draftee Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 24Scott at Hot Corner in Red Sox Plans for `69 Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 25Gordon Counts On Butler For Royal Quick Service McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 26No Job is Safe On Red Sox With Williams At Controls Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 27Williams' New Affluence Won't Mean Life of Ease For Red Sox Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 28Foy Watches His Waistline, And Bosox Enjoy the View Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 29Foy's Decoy: Rettenmund Winds Up With Red Face  1968 
 30Foy Notches Highest Hub Theft Total in 31 Seasons  1968 
 31Royals Setting Stage For Swap Session McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 32The Face Is Familiar, But What's That Team Again?  1969 
 33K.C. Swifties to Kick Up Lots of Dust McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 34Mets Will Toss Reins On Speedboy Foy Lang, Jack; 1969 
 35Royals Counting On Big Lift From Otis McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 36Fiore a Flashy Operator At Royals' Gateway McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 37If You Enjoy Thrills...Keep An Eye On Rocky Lang, Jack; 1970 
 385 Best and 5 Worst Trades of the Year Vass, George; 1970 
 39New Era Dawning for Mets--`No-Vacancy' Sign is Flashing Lang, Jack; 1970 
 40Mets Driving Foes To Distraction With Theft Forays Lang, Jack; 1970 
 41Sadecki Rings Bonus Bell For Met Swappers Lang, Jack; 1970 
 42Foy Steals Home, Upsets Batter; Sets Met Mark  1970 
 43Mets Toppers as Swappers Lang, Jack; 1970 
 44Correcting Met Faults, Hodges' Major Task Lang, Jack; 1970 
 45Nats' Short Delighted With 'Tarnished Goods' Whittlesey, Merrell; 1970 
 46Short and Sweet: An 18-Minute Draft Isle, Stan; 1970 
 47Mets Had Hot Sacker All Along--It's Garrett Lang, Jack; 1970 
 48Patsies Turn Into Bullies and Mets Feel Pinch Lang, Jack; 1970 
 49Five Hits, Three Errors Make Foy's Day Complete  1970 
 50Third Met Catcher? Foy, That's Who Lang, Jack; 1970 
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