August 29, 2015
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 152 Colleges Fill Rosters of CIC Clubs Lien, Dick; 1967 
 2Just One Hurler Among Winners of Topps Award  1970 
 3Player Development, Not Title, Fall Goal of Instructional Clubs Prell, Ed; 1970 
 4Valentine is Dodgers No. 1 Farm Prize Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 5Speedy Dodgers Ran Off With Loot Salazar, Carlos; 1970 
 6Ferguson Finds Luck in Dodger '13' Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 7Luke's No-Hit Bid Ends On Ferguson HR in 9th  1971 
 8Stitched-Up Stephenson: Very Tough Angel Miller, Dick; 1972 
 9Time's Up--Dodger Brass Must Act Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 10Just Suspend Disbelief Leggett, William; 1973 
 11L.A. Dodgers: Baseball's New Whiz Kids Claire, Fred; 1973 
 12Smokey Still in Haze Over Two Dodger Spots Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 13Ferguson, Crawford Add Muscle to Dodger Attack Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 14Dodgers Receive a Quick Charge From Battery Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 15Catcher Ferguson's Sizzling Bat Earns Dodger Raves Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 16Bunt `Attack' Jells as Dodgers Click Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 17Surplus of Heroes Snarls N.L. Player of Week Poll n; 1973 
 18Another Comeback Title for Downing? Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 19Ferguson Thinks His Way to Stardom Newhan, Ross; 1973 
 20Dodger Boo Birds Tied Into Knots by `Ropes' Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 21Smokey's Swingers Big West Coast Hit Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 22Strong Down Middle--New Dodger Trademark Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 23Forfeit Taints Venezuelan Wrapup Moncada, Eduardo; 1973 
 24Dodger Chris Has Ambition, And He's Willing to Travel Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 25Dodger Kids Sparkle in Latin Loops Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 26Joe Ferguson Explodes His Theory on Mental Fatigue Rapoport, Ron; 1973 
 27Ferguson Figures a Delight to Dodgers Rapoport, Ron; 1973 
 28A Great Job by the Youngsters Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 29A California Split for Openers Fimrite, Ron; 1974 
 30Dodgers Closing Ranks After Willie Davis' Exit Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 31Switcher Kids Give Dodgers an Infield That Could Be No. 1 Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 32Alston Refuses to Hit Panic Button on Sutton Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 33Dodgers Look to Ferguson to Furnish Key to Pennant Verrell, Gordon; 1974 
 34Brawling A's Land One on L.A. Chin: Game One Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1974 
 35Rifle-Armed Ferguson Sinks A's With Bat: Game Two Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1974 
 36Accurate Scouting Reports Help A's to 2-1 Advantage: Game Three Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1974 
 37L.A. Left Dozen in Defeat: Game One n; 1974 
 38Dodgers Hoping Ex-Enemy Juan Regains Old Zip Verrell, Gordon; 1975 
 39Dodgers to Test Miller for Third-String Mitt Role Verrell, Gordon; 1975 
 40Who'll Succeed Dodger Skipper Alston? Lasorda Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 41Arm Mended, Ferguson Vows to Avoid Fisticuffs Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 42Hitting Up Storm, Yeager Wants Home-Plate Wedding Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 43Tommy John's Spring Work Encourages Dodgers' Hopes Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 44Astros Hope One Deal Will Solve Two Problems Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 45Dierker Crowds Cards' Starting Card Russo, Neal; 1976 
 46With Pitching Set, Astros Look for Catcher Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 47Cards Toss Hopes in Ferguson's Mitt Russo, Neal; 1976 
 48Reg Just What We Need, Say Dodgers Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 49If You Cut Tom Lasorda...He'll Bleed Dodger Blue Shaw, David; 1977 
 50Back To Basics - That's Astros Work Order Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
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