September 3, 2015
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 1Through Wire and Over Net  1954 
 272 Home Runs...224 Runs Batted In  1954 
 3Minor League Players Who Hit 60 or More Homers in One Season  1970 
 4  1974 
 5McNulty Misses League Record, Exclusive List n; 1974 
 6Joe Willis Bauman  1978 
 7When Joe Bauman Hit 72 Home Runs Ripp, Bart; 1980 
 8Innings Ago: Recollections of Kansas City Ballplayers of Their Days in the Game Etkin, Jack; 1987 
 9It's a Routine...Home Run Callahan, Tom; 1987 
 10The Baseball Bat...from the First Crack To the 'clank' Mussill, Bernie; 1992 
 11Minor League Big Guns Green, Ernest J.; 1995 
 12Joe Bauman Rives, Bob; 1995 
 13The King of Swat: An Analysis of Baseball's Home Run Hitters From Major, Minor, Negro and Japanese Leagues McNeil, William F.; 1997 
 14The Difficulty - and Simplicity - of a Homer Looney, Douglas S.; 1998 
 15Baseball's Forgotten Heroes: One Man's Search For the Game's Most Interesting Overlooked Players Salin, Tony; 1999 
 16Life in the Minor Leagues Tuttle, Dennis R.; 1999 
 17Seventy-Two Homers in a Season Salin, Tony; 1999 
 18Seventy-Two Homers in a Season; Joe Bauman Salin, Tony; 1999 
 19Joe Bauman: The Home Run King McGuire, Mark; and Michael Sean Gormley; 1999 
 20The Lost Years of Home Run King Joe Bauman Parr, Royse M.; 2006 
 21Going for the Fences: The Minor League Home Run Record Book McConnell, Bob, ed.; 2009 
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