September 2, 2015
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 1  1911 
 2The Tough Break Evans, Billy; 1914 
 3"Jim" Scott's Day Off Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1915 
 4"Death Valley" Jim Scott Ward, John J.; 1916 
 5Still the Old Flash Scott, Jim; 1951 
 6Slaughter Gives 'Recipe' For Keeping in Condition Scott, Jim; 1953 
 7Billy Martin's Story Scott, Jim; 1954 
 8"Baseball Isn't Baseball Anymore" Scott, Jim; 1961 
 9The Slowest Pitcher In Baseball Scott, Jim; 1962 
 10The Slowest Pitcher in Baseball Scott, Jim; 1962 
 1150,746 Hail Raider Housewarming: Oakland's Park Rates `Ideal' Tag; Ex-Orphans Residents of Plush Home Scott, Jim; 1966 
 12Short Walk to Any Seat in the House Scott, Jim; 1966 
 13No Minor League Experience, But Legion Prepared Catfish: It's a Big Jump From Ahoskie to A's Scott, Jim; 1968 
 14Lotz Brothers Rise on Golf Horizon Scott, Jim; 1970 
 15Coast Loop Picks Three in the Draft of Umpires  1970 
 16Oakland Is A-Okay, Claims a Contented Caray Scott, Jim; 1970 
 17Skipper Rig Loves Golf - A Great Relaxer Scott, Jim; 1971 
 18American Bridges Language Barrier for Orions Scott, Jim; 1972 
 19Specs, Once Taboo in Sports, Now Everybody's Pal Scott, Jim; 1973 
 20Maury's Kid: Like Dad, Maybe Better Scott, Jim; 1974 
 21Says Reggie: A's Ain't Dead! But With Catfish Gone, Burden's On Mr. Muscles Scott, Jim; 1975 
 22Claudell...Finley's Uneasy Housepet Scott, Jim; 1975 
 23Miller Memories Scott, Jim; 1981 
 24Redbird Reflections Scott, Jim "Cardaholic"; 1982 
 25No Go-Go Cards Scott, Jim; 1982 
 26St. Louis: No Go-Go Cards Scott, Jim; 1982 
 27Redbirds Scott, Jim; 1982 
 28Cardinal Chirps Scott, Jim; 1983 
 29St. Louis Scott, Jim; 1983 
 30No Place Like Home Scott, Jim; 1984 
 31Sugarball: the American Game, the Dominican Dream Klein, Alan M.; 1991 
 32James Scott Bennett, John; 2006 
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