September 1, 2015
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 1Jim Palmer's Career Shutouts Ruiz, William;  
 2Goose Eggs From the Orioles  1966 
 3Those Happy Birds: a Practical Demonstration of Palmer's Law Mann, Jack; 1966 
 4Dodgers in a Daze n; 1966 
 5The Four O's Who Rang Up 33 0's Burick, Si; 1966 
 6Many Salary Raises Seen Carmichael, John P.; 1966 
 7O, Those Orioles! Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 8Here's Hilarious Book `Birds on the Wing': Beard's Story of Orioles Packed With Laughs Falls, Joe; 1967 
 9Hank Keeps His Cool While Craving Smoke Brown, Doug; 1967 
 10Sore-Armed Palmer Gives Twins Splitting Headache Brown, Doug; 1967 
 11Is Cat to Blam in Oriole Wave of Sore Wings Brown, Doug; 1967 
 12Sun Lifts Fog on Palmer's Sore Wing Brown, Doug; 1967 
 13Palmer Back With Orioles After Spell in Florida Sun n; 1967 
 14Orioles Testing Question-Mark Men on Mound Brown, Doug; 1967 
 15Wings Shrug Off Injuries, Recalls Kritzer, Cy; 1967 
 16Palmer Put on Disabled List; Shoulder Still Sore n; 1967 
 17Palmer's Shoulder Still Sore, But There's Song in His Heart Brown, Doug; 1967 
 18Bunker and Barber Sore-Arm Question Marks on Oriole Hill Brown, Doug; 1967 
 19Arizona Scribes Salute Palmer n; 1967 
 20Is College Grad Too Late for Pros? Kahan, Oscar; 1967 
 21Ten of 13 Orioles' Players in Series Signed as Preps n; 1967 
 22Lost Record He Never Knew He Had Burick, Si; 1967 
 23Sore Spots in a Big-Arm Year Mulvoy, Mark; 1968 
 24Heintzelman Swinging Hot Cardinal Bat Ellison, Jack; 1968 
 25Tonsils Out; Palmer Hoping Wing Woes Will Disappear, Too Brown, Doug; 1968 
 26Not a Sore Arm in Either Camp--Orioles Can Hardly Believe It Jackman, Phil; 1968 
 27Palmer's Bed? The Hard Floor Brown, Doug; 1968 
 28Palmer Still on Move--Switches Disabled Lists  1968 
 29The Arm That Came Back Zanger, Jack; 1969 
 30Highlight Carry, Peter; 1969 
 31Where the Majors Find New (and Old) Stars Leggett, William; 1969 
 32Palmer Cools Off Sizzling San Juan Frau, Miguel; 1969 
 33Palmer, Ex-Sore Winged Bird, Chirps, `You Can Count On Me' Brown, Doug; 1969 
 34Orioles Have Two Vacancies...Starting Hurler, Spare Infielder Brown, Doug; 1969 
 35Hill Aces Causing Orioles to Think Big Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 36Oriole Sore Wings Flapping Again Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 37Lopez' High-Velocity Slants Impress Oriole Brass Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 38Oriole Wings Thrive Under Dr. Bamberger Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 39Foulup in Batting Order Costs Pilots Two Runs  1969 
 40Palmer, After Winning 9 of 11, Sidelined Again  1969 
 41Courtroom Crowded as Judge Does His Thing Brown, Doug; 1969 
 42Cuellar Likely Oriole Choice to Open Playoffs Brown, Doug; 1969 
 43Rash of Oriole Injuries Disturbs Trainer Salvon  1969 
 44Palmer's No-No Was Bad Word Only for A's Brown, Doug; 1969 
 45Palmer Shooting For 20...Sore Back and All Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 46Wille D. Wins a Car With Just One Swing  1970 
 47Orioles Get the Message: Path To Pennant Is Rough Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 48Three 20-Game Winners? Oriole Trio Could Make It Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 49Woe Unto Oriole Foes: Boog's Slump Is Over Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 50Three Birds Who Mainly Stay Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1970 
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