September 4, 2015
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 1Pilots' Poll Tabs Loop's Top Skills Leonard, George; 1960 
 2Kid Twirlers Lift Gloom in Reds' Plunge Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 3Cincy's Snazzy Hurling Slips Red Quick Hypo Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 4Quartet of Prize Prospects Adds Zing To Sagging Reds Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 5Sizzling Slab Stars Turn in Brush Job Leonard, George; 1960 
 6Richert, Maloney, Palys Star Cinches Leonard, George; 1960 
 7Vols Roll With 16 Wins By 2 Rookies Leonard, George; 1960 
 8Three Whiff Artists Aim at Loop Record Leonard, George; 1960 
 9Kid Twirlers Ease Pain of Red Relapse Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 10McLish Haunted By Tough Luck - No Redleg Help Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 11Few Gems Found Among '59 Crop of Bonus Beauts Kachline, Clifford; 1960 
 12Scouting Reports On 1960 Major League Rookies - Cincinnati Reds Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 13Kid Maloney Sings Praises of Turner as Pitching Tutor  1961 
 14Kids Add Class To Cincy Curving Corps: Maloney, Hook, O'Toole and Hunt Choice Farm Products; Staff Tabbed as Reds' Best in 2 Decades; Club's Bonus Binge Begins Lush Payoff Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 15Hutch Picks O'Toole To Open Fall Classic Against Yankees  1961 
 16Hutch Cracks Whip--Wants Fighting Club Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 17Kid Fireballer Hunt Surprise Red Whizzer Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 18Maloney Hurls Well Against Nats, Sure Flipper on Mend n; 1961 
 19Pennant Race Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 20Greenies Ripen Fast Under Florida Sun: Hiller, Allen Listed Among Winter Grads Selman, Jim; 1962 
 21Pennant Race Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 22Square Deal Maloney of the Reds McHugh, Roy; 1963 
 23Rose-Helms DP Duo Ripening Fast On Reds' Farm-Club Vine Lawson, Earl; 1963 
 24Reds Turning Cartwheels Over Mound Ace Maloney: Husky Youth Blends Sharp Curve With Blazing Hummer Lawson, Earl; 1963 
 25Cincy's Maloney Eyes Magic 20-Win Mark Grieve, Curley; 1963 
 26Stan Musial's Last Game Hano, Arnold; 1964 
 27The 1969 All-Star Team Devaney, John; 1964 
 28Impossible, Implausible, Unbelievable Trimble, Joe; 1965 
 29Broadcasters And That Superstitious No-Hit Silence Harmon, Pat; 1965 
 30Ten Pitched Naughts For Naught! Swanson, Pete; 1965 
 31Practice Makes Perfect  1965 
 32Fastest Arms in the Game Stann, Francis; 1965 
 33Nice to Have MET You  1965 
 34Man, He's Got Hair!: And, Man, He Can Paint the Black, Too! Stann, Francis; 1965 
 35Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 36`Perfect' Loser n; 1965 
 37Are 300 Innings Too Much? Collett, Ritter; 1965 
 38He Should Have Signed the Co-Pilot! Burick, Si; 1965 
 39Is This Managing? Grieve, Curley; 1965 
 40The Mixed Emotions Club n; 1965 
 41Then Sisler Would Have Been the First Hit! Russell, Fred; 1965 
 42Jim Maloney And Sammy Ellis: Double Trouble Vecsey, George; 1966 
 43Ten Cadidates for Superstardom: But Will Anyone Make It? Allen, Maury; 1966 
 44The Changes in Henry Aaron Dexter, Charles; 1966 
 45It's a Yes Era for No-Hit Games Murdock, Gene; 1966 
 46Many Use Spitter But Only a Few Throw It Well Maher, Charles; 1966 
 47Wildness, Bum Knee Hurt Maloney: But Reds; Hill Ace Refuses to Cite His Injury as Alibi Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 48Rose Swinging .400 Bat Over 2-Month Span Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 49Reds Eye '66 Shipwreck--Debate Who'll Walk Plank Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 50 Roth, Allan; 1967 
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