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 1  1953 
 2Kuenn, Gilliam '53's Top Rookies  1953 
 3Gilliam - Polished to Perfection  1953 
 4Gilliam Holds Key to Series Infield Comparison Olan, Ben; 1953 
 5Jackie's Replacement Makes the Team McGowan, Lloyd; 1954 
 6How to Play Championship Baseball Fraley, Oscar; 1954 
 7Young Hustlers Bonner, M.G.; 1954 
 8  1955 
 9The Dodgers Strain For a Championship Graham, Frank; 1956 
 10A Beef Grows in Brooklyn photos by Hy Peskin; 1957 
 11Pen And Bench Gaven, Mike.; 1958 
 12  1958 
 13Junior Gilliam Marries Wealthy St. Louis Socialite Lonesome B.; 1959 
 14Walt Juggles Lineup - L.A. Crew Climbs Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 15Pirates Miss Triple Play Against L.A. By Half Step  1960 
 16Batting Styles of the World Champions Weiskopf, Don; 1960 
 17Handcuffed Hitters Bust Loose, Boost Dodgers Out of Doldrums Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 18Crippled Curvers Return - Lend Hand To Limping L.A. Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 19Gilliam Banished First Time  1960 
 20  1960 
 21Gilliam The Gluepot Zimmerman, Paul.; 1960 
 22Gang Busters Of The Base Paths Finch, Frank; 1960 
 23Dodgers Cough Up Record $32,500 to Ink Drysdale Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 24Buzzie Raps Report Gilliam Will Be in Grab-Bag Finch, Frank; 1961 
 25Jim Gilliam: Specialist At Many Things  1961 
 26Gilliam's Hot Stick Helps Make Seer Out of Smokey Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 27Dodgers, With Big Pinch-Hit Punch, Compile .302 Record  1961 
 28Dodgers Shift Into High Gear - Spare Parts Add Zip To Motor Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 29A Fine New Fence Just 330 Feet Away  1962 
 30Off-Season Athletes On Off-Beat Jobs  1962 
 31Los Angeles Dodgers Lang, Jack; 1962 
 32Gilliam Ends Sluggers' Skid  1963 
 33Boggess Theory on Wills' Thefts Ripped by Alston Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 34`Gilliam Played Vital Role as Team Man,' Walt Says  1963 
 35Dodgers Boast Top Players Who Can Handle Two Jobs  1963 
 36"I'm For Me" Hano, Arnold; 1963 
 37Gilliam Brings Three Gloves and Waits Around" Mann, Jack; 1963 
 38It Pays to Steal Wills, Maury as told to Steve Gardner; 1963 
 39Tommy D 3-D Dandy in Delayed Debut at Dodgers' Hot Corner Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 40Dodgers Hope That ???? Players Turn Into Bumper Crop of !!!! Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 41Baseball Has Done It Robinson, Jackie; edited by Charles Dexter.; 1964 
 42The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1964 
 43Baseball Has Done It Robinson, Jackie; 1964 
 44Chuck's in Charge--Message for Tigers Finch, Frank; 1965 
 45Pickpockets Over Blackjacks Carmichael, John P.; 1965 
 46The Ten Best Bunters in the Game Today Holtzman, Jerome; 1965 
 47Thumbnailing a So-So Series Burnes, Robert L.; 1965 
 48A Negro Manager?: Some Day--It Could Be Gilliam or Elston Howard Grady, Sandy; 1965 
 49What There is About Wills: Alston Analyzes Base Champ's Greatness Hochman, Stan; 1965 
 50Are You Ready For a Negro Manager? I Could Do the Job Aaron, Hank; with Jerome Holtzman; 1965 
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