September 2, 2015
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 1Star vs. Excelsior  1860 
 2Opening Day of the Excelsior Club  1861 
 3The Benefit Match  1861 
 4Obsequies of a Celebrated Ball Player  1862 
 5Chapter XIV Lovett, James D'Wolf; 1907 
 6Baseball: A Historical Narrative of the Game, the Men Who Have Played It and Its Place in American Life Smith, Robert; 1947 
 7My 66 Years in the Big Leagues: the Great Story of America's National Game Mack, Connie; 1950 
 8"I'm For Me" Hano, Arnold; 1963 
 9Remember the Brooklyn Excelsiors? Koppett, Leonard; 1969 
 10Baseball Smith, Robert; 1970 
 11Creighton, James "Jim" Rucker, Mark D.; 1987 
 12James Creighton Rucker, Mark D.; 1989 
 13The Old Ball Game Alvarez, Mark; 1990 
 14Baseball's First Cards: Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods Trade Cards Sloate, Barry; 1995 
 15Strikeout: A Celebration of the Art of Pitching Curran, William; 1995 
 16The Early Years of Baseball, 1845-60 Adelman, Melvin L.; 1997 
 17Long Before the Dodgers: Baseball in Brooklyn, 1855-1884 Terry, James L.; 2002 
 18The Shrine of the Eternals: Candidates for the 2003 Election Cannon, Terry; and Albert Kilchesty; 2004 
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