August 28, 2015
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 1Home With Brosnan   
 2Cubs Buy Contracts of Five Players  1953 
 3All About Brozz  1958 
 4Now Pitching For St. Louis...The Rookie Psychiatrist Brosnan, Jim; 1958 
 5Up-and-Down Cubbies and Cards Terrell, Roy; 1958 
 6Don't Let Hutch Get Mad Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 7 Robinson, Murray; 1960 
 8Cincy's Snazzy Hurling Slips Red Quick Hypo Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 9'Lady Luck Is Fickle Flirt,' Brosnan Sighs After Gopher  1960 
 10Sagging Reds Bolstered By Firemen Trio Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 11Me and Hutch Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 12You Can Consider It Came From Me Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 13A Pitcher-Author Writes His 'Book' On Pirate Lineup Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 14Some Inside Pitches On Baseball Brosnan, Jim; Illustrated by Marc Simont; 1960 
 15Reds' Quartet Shaping Up as Bargain Boys Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 16Lowbrow Highbrow  1960 
 17The Long Season Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 18Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(Cincinnati Reds) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 19The Book That Has 'Em Bothered Furlong, Bill; 1960 
 20Ill on the Hill, Great at the Plate Young, Dick; 1960 
 21Ballplayers vs. the Fans Linn, Edward; 1961 
 22Feud in the National League: Nobody Likes the Dodgers Brosnan, Jim; 1961 
 23Arroyo, Wilhelm in Sizzling Scrap For Relief Trophy Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 24Arroyo Streaks Past Wilhelm in Firemen's Race Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 25Duster 10 Pct. of Pitching in Brosnan's Book Walfoort, Cleon; 1961 
 26Brosnan, Wilhelm Pace Big-Time Firemen Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 27Brosnan Rings Bell With Classy Work in Redleg Bull Pen Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 28The Odds Go Down On Cincy Maule, Tex; 1961 
 29Young Pitchers Take Command Maule, Tex; 1961 
 30Major-League Intellectual Silverman, Al; 1961 
 31Brosnan Logs Save in Each of Young Hunt's Three Wins  1961 
 32What They're Saying in Major Dugouts Walfoort, Cleon; 1961 
 33Embarassing, Wasn't It? Brosnan, Jim; 1961 
 34Cincy Sketchbook - X-Raying the Regal Reds: Reds Landed Sleeper in Trade For Coleman; 'Author' Brosnan Ace Reliever of Flag Club Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 35Hutch - Stone Face With a Soft Heart: Players Salute Pilot-'He's Tough But Fair'; Seldom Tries To Alter Hitter, Hurler Styles Burnes, Bob; 1961 
 36Arms and the Men For Cincy  1961 
 37The 'X' in the Box Score Brosnan, Jim; Illustrated by Carl Rose; 1961 
 38Miller Elbows Brosnan Off Top of N.L. Fireman Ladder Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 39Do Trades Win Flags? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 40Big Leaguers Hold Clinic for 200 Airmen in Europe n; 1961 
 41Brosnan, Author-Hurler, Pitches In on New Book; Hopes to Go Full `Nine Innings; Before Spring Training Time Hackenberg, Dick; 1961 
 42Kuenn, Bunning, Brosnan to Head Clinic in Germany Lucas, Chuck; 1961 
 43Pennant Race Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 44DeWitt Talks Up Storm in Pitch To Swing Red Swap Lawson, Earl; 1962 
 45A Good Pitch Is Better Than a Wild Swing Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 46You Know Jim  1962 
 47Sweet, Sad Life of a Reliever Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 48Baseball: Grecian Yearn  1962 
 49Pennant Race Brosnan, Jim; 1962 
 50Hutch And The Reds Lawson, Earl; 1962 
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