August 28, 2015
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 1Champion Auburn Places Six on NYP All-Star Club  1968 
 2Making It To the Top With Twins Terrell Peterson, Keith; 1973 
 3Possum, Bam-Bam Strike Terror for Twins Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 4Twins Have Eye for Terrell's Figures Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 5N.L. Tops on Topps' Rookie Team n; 1973 
 6Twins Point to Terrell as No. 1 Hustler Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 7Carew Squawks at Twin Talk of First-Base Shift Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 8Twins Taking a Brighter View of Strikeout Duo Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 9Spoelstra's Clash With Sin Bisher, Furman; 1974 
 10Super Sub Terrell Also a Cheerleader Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 11Switching Galore If Twins Change Carew's Position Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 12Two Weak Spots Giving Twins Strong Concern Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 13Cal Won't Enter Bidding War for Unsigned Twins Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 14Twins' Terrell Earns Promotion to Keystone Job Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 15Trader Griff Whiffed in Sunny Cal Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 16Twins Post Want-Ad for Leadoff Man Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 17Non-Bidder Kauffman Joins Prophets of Doom Black, Del; 1977 
 18Roayls Sign Jerry Terrell as Their New Cookie Bordman, Sid; 1977 
 19Terrell Eager To Fill Royal Utility Role Black, Del; 1978 
 2012 Placed in Nomination For Danny Thompson Award Spolestra, Watson; 1979 
 21Safe At Home: Ten Major League Baseball Players Discuss Their Careers and Their Christian Commitment Arndt, Rick; 1979 
 22Jerry Terrell Arndt, Rick; 1979 
 23Terrell Won't Admit 'Nay' Black, Del; 1980 
 24Players' Next Move: Setting Strike Date Chass, Murray; 1980 
 25Terrell: 'I'm a Servant'  1980 
 26Snap Me Perfect!: The Darrell Porter Story Porter, Darrell; with William Deerfield; 1984 
 27Advance Scouts Travel Far in Seeking 'Edge' Fish, Mike; 1986 
 28Hot Hitters Earn Notice Around League  1991 
 29In 1980, Terrell Took Strike Advice From Scriptures Eskew, Alan; 1994 
 30Kansas City Royals  1995 
 31AL Minor League Preview: Chicago White Sox Winston, Lisa; 1999 
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