August 4, 2015
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 1Auburn Beats Binghamton For NYP Playoff Laurels n; 1966 
 2New York Mets n; 1967 
 3Suns Look to Steady Sandy for Help n; 1967 
 4Mets Pedal Fast Behind Kiddie Korps Kremenko, Barney; 1967 
 513 Met Farmhands Recalled; Two to Report Next Spring n; 1967 
 6Whitey Herzog High on Chances of Mets' Kids to Make Grade Lang, Jack; 1967 
 7Mets Putting Squeeze on Citrus Loop Leader Ellison, Jack; 1967 
 8Bench Captures Rookie Honors By a Single Vote Lang, Jack; 1968 
 9Parsimonious Foursome  1968 
 10Phenom From the Farm  1968 
 11Lights in the Mets Cellar Leggett, William; 1968 
 12Unser, Bench Capture Rookie Prizes Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 13Koosman Tops Bench's Total in MVP Balloting  1968 
 14Orioles Escape Sore Wings--Credit Hard Conditioning Plan Brown, Doug; 1968 
 15Slider Is the Pitch That Put Falling Batting Averages On the Skids Durso, Joseph; 1968 
 16Dad Took Spin as Nolan Made Reds Dizzy Lang, Jack; 1968 
 17N.L. Teams Ready to Reap Big Crop of Talented Frosh Grote, Dave; 1968 
 18Koosman's First Safety Pops Champagne Corks Lang, Jack; 1968 
 19Senators, Giants, Yankees Head Topps Rookie Lineup  1968 
 20Mets Show Flashy Pickup When They Hit the Open Road Lang, Jack; 1968 
 21Suddenly the Mets Discover a Surplus of Hurlers Lang, Jack; 1968 
 22Boost in Met Wins to Mean Boost in Gil's Paycheck Lang, Jack; 1968 
 23Jerry Sizes Up 4 Met Hill Plums  1968 
 24Mets' Young Hill Heroes Are Wavering Lang, Jack; 1968 
 25N.L. Rivals Suffer Attack of `Gibsonitis' vs. Cards  1968 
 26Strutting Slugger Koosman Gets Silent Treatment Lang, Jack; 1968 
 27Kooz Gunning For 20 Wins, Rookie Crown Lang, Jack; 1968 
 28Koosman Notches Shutouts...And Mets See a Bright Future Lang, Jack; 1968 
 29Hodges Tosses Met Eggs in Youthful Hill Basket Lang, Jack; 1968 
 30Seaver, Koosman Failed to Earn Scouts' Raves  1968 
 31Mets Uncover a Sleeper in Mound Whiz Koosman Lang, Jack; 1968 
 32Rube's Tip...`Junk That Slider'  1968 
 33Koosman a Met Set Laffer Lang, Jack; 1968 
 34Mets--Who Else?--Opening Day Gate Kings Lang, Jack; 1968 
 35Pitchers Galore n; 1968 
 36A Win That Couldn't Be Won n; 1969 
 37New York Mets Allen, Maury; 1969 
 38Rose's Book on Top N.L. Pitchers Pepe, Phil; 1969 
 39Caissons Go Rollin', But Tolan Stays to Haunt Mets Lang, Jack; 1969 
 40Seaver and Koosman Victims of Met Swatting Anemia Lang, Jack; 1969 
 41The Incredible Mets Allen, Maury; 1969 
 42Laughing Stock? Mets Wipe Grins Off Critics' Faces Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1969 
 43Let's Go Mets--and They Do n; 1969 
 44Mets Fumble for Cure to Astro Spell Lang, Jack; 1969 
 45Kooz Fires a `Happy Birthday' to Young Son: Game No. 2 Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1969 
 46Hop Into the Car, Ma - Jerry's Pitching Tonight Durson, Joe; 1969 
 47New York Mets 5, Baltimore Orioles 3 Lang, Jack; 1969 
 48Nemesis Bit the Dust in `68: Giants Pinned 4 Losses On Bunning Jupiter, Harry; 1969 
 49Koos Fumbles the Hot Butter, Burns His Hand Popping Corn  1969 
 50`Nobody Signing Now,' Says Shamsky Lang, Jack; 1969 
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