September 4, 2015
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 1Cubs' Kindall Breaks N.L. Mark: 7 Wins in 2 Games Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 2Kindall Hits Seven of First Eight Homers Against Phils  1960 
 3Former Plate Patsy, Kindall Crashes Out of 'Five-Year Slump' Munzel, Edgar; 1960 
 4Cubs' Drott Turns in Slab Gem in Hall of Fame Game Conners, Dick; 1960 
 5Bruins' Biffers Bomb Fences in Swat Spree Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 6Glove Guy Kindall Sparks Cub Push With Blazing Bat Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 7Shortstop Banks 'Starts All Over' as Bruins' Picket Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 8The Goal and the Glory: America's Athletes Speak Their Faith Simonson, Ted, ed.; 1962 
 9Kindall, Thomas, Johnson Join Major Back-to-College Colony Gordon, Dick; 1962 
 10  1962 
 11Injuns Grapple in Big Scramble For Steady Jobs Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 12Tribe's Kindall: Glove Smoothie, Sharp Debater Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 1312 Major Leaguers Fanned 100 Or More Times in `62  1963 
 14Cleveland's Spirit-Kindling Club Hurls Posies at Kindall Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 15Jerry Kindall: Second Baseman With The Solutions To Life's Problems Hefley, James C.; 1964 
 16Whiff N' Puff Song Broeg, Bob; 1965 
 17Painful Thought Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 18Brrr-Minnesota's Frigid; But Big Timers Love Area Nichols, Max; 1965 
 19Cuban Trio Among Players Making Homes in Minnesota n; 1965 
 20  1966 
 21Paul Was a Star Cager, Played With Jerry West  1968 
 22Jerry Kindall  1969 
 23  1976 
 24Arizona's Crown Ends Frustration Williams, Bob; 1976 
 25Bigger Role For Colleges?  1977 
 26Arizona's Basic Hitting Drills Kindall, Jerry; 1978 
 27Five Ways To Become a Better Hitter Kindall, Jerry; 1978 
 28Arizona Tops All-Stars Pavlovich, Lou; 1980 
 29Sports Illustrated Baseball Kindall, Jerry; Photography By Heinz Kluetmeir; Illustrations By Don Tonry; 1983 
 30Tagging Phillips, Bob; 1986 
 31  1987 
 32Sports Illustrated Baseball: Play the Winning Way Kindall, Jerry; Photography By Heinz Kluetmeir; Illustrations By Don Tonry; 1988 
 33This Switch-Hitter Does It With Mirrors  1989 
 34College Baseball: America's Greatest College Baseball Coach Koehler, Michael; 1990 
 35The How-To Guru: Earned Run - Teaching Kids Baseball With Jerry Kindall Gullo, Jim; 1992 
 36Science of Coaching Baseball Kindall, Jerry; 1992 
 37Jerry Kindall Phalen, Rick; 1992 
 38Gary Carter, Bernie Carbo and Jerry Kindall Part of First-Ever Athletes in Action Baseball Fantasy Camp  1993 
 39Easy as ABC... Masin, Herman L.; 1993 
 40Sports Illustrated Baseball: Play the Winning Way Kindall, Jerry; Photography By Heinz Kluetmeir; Illustrations By Don Tonry; 1993 
 41Colleges at a Crossroads Lawes, Rick; 1994 
 42Return Engagement Lawes, Rick; 1995 
 43'Cats Bite Dogs: Arizona Sets Record as Terriers Roll Over Lawes, Rick; 1995 
 44Jerry Kindall on Wildcat Baseball Fanucchi, Dave; 1999 
 45The Baseball Coaching Bible Kindall, Jerry; John Winkin, eds.; 2000 
 46Town Ball: The Glory Days of Minnesota Amateur Baseball Peterson, Armand; and Tom Tomashek; 2006 
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