August 30, 2015
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 1Boston Red Sox Sale To Yawkey Associates Is Stalled By League  1977 
 2Exit of Top Three Execs Marks New Bosox Era Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 3A-T-O Bids $17 Million in Effort To Buy Bosox  1977 
 4Odd Nod n; 1977 
 5There's a Rub in the Hub Gammons, Peter; 1977 
 6Bosox Package May Untie A.L. Knot Whiteside, Larry; 1978 
 7Red Sox Sale Okayed - $20.2 Million Whiteside, Larry; 1978 
 8LeRoux' Stake in Bosox Put at $3 Million: Buddy's Wealth a Big Surprize Holtzman, Jerome; 1978 
 9Mrs. Yawkey Takes Over as Red Sox Angel Horgan, Tim; 1978 
 10Do Bosox Owners Want Profits Or Pennant? Craig, Jack; 1979 
 11Yaz Relishes His Finest Retirement Gift Isle, Stan; 1983 
 12Evans' Demand Has Bosox in Turmoil Gammons, Peter; 1983 
 13LeRoux Says Red Sox Are Worth $100 Million Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 14Silent Partner: the Mysterious Mrs. Yawkey Shalin, Mike; 1983 
 15LeRoux Whiffs On Sox Takeover Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 16LeRoux Rejects Partners' Bid Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 17The Fight is Over the Red Sox, Not in Them Wulf, Steve; 1983 
 18Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 19Court Delays Ownership Decision Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 20LeRoux Loses Battle Over Sox Ownership Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 21 Giuliotti, Joe; 1989 
 22The Designated Hitter Pierce, Charles P; 1992 
 23Red Sox Transition Lies Ahead Thomas, Robert McG., Jr; 1992 
 24Obituaries: Jean R. Yawkey, Red Sox Owner and Philanthropist, Is Dead at 83 Thomas, Robert M.; 1992 
 25Boston Sports Loses a Gracious, Giving Friend Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 26The Yawkey Way Pierce, Charles P.; 1992 
 27Several Teams Sport Commemorative Patches  1992 
 28End Of An Era: Jean Yawkey's passing bringd sorrow to organization, baseball community Carfardo, Nick; 1992 
 29Deaths of Former Major League Players, Managers, Scouts, Umpires and Executives  1993 
 30Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Dinsmoor, Douglas T.; 1995 
 31Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston Bryant, Howard; 2002 
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