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 1The Greatest Play I Ever Saw; Thrilling Incidents On the Diamond Daubert, Jake; 1911 
 2"Jake" Daubert  1911 
 3Is There Any Luck in Baseball Daubert, Jake; 1912 
 4The Greatest Ball Team in the World  1912 
 5Jake Daubert, the Hal Chase of the National League Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 6The Leader of National League First Basemen  1912 
 7 Donwell, J.W.; 1912 
 8The Greatest of All First Basemen Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 9 Wessell, Chas A., Jr; 1912 
 10  1913 
 11The All-America Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 12The Real Who's Who in Baseball  1913 
 13The Star Ball-Players and Their Earnings Barber, Frederick Courtenay; 1913 
 14Jake E. Daubert Drinks Coca-Cola  1914 
 15The All-America Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1914 
 16Jake Daubert - a Self-made Success Lane, F.C.; 1914 
 17Why the Phillies Finished Second Lieb, Frederick G.; 1914 
 18Echoes of the Post Season  1914 
 19Daubert National's Greatest Slugger Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1914 
 20When Pitcher Meets Batter in a Duel of Wits Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 21Springtime Baseball Chatter Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1915 
 22Reulbach, the Man Who Was Run Out of Baseball Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 23  1915 
 24The All-America Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 25Why the System of Batting Averages Should Be Changed Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 26D & M: the Famous D & M "Jake Daubert" Special Mitt  1916 
 27The All-Star Baseball Team Rice, Grantland; 1916 
 28 Rein, Arthur J.; 1916 
 29  1916 
 30 Russell, Frank D.; 1916 
 31Again To Grace Baseball's Limelight Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 32The Tremendous Speed of a Star Batter's Swing Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 33The All-America Baseball Team Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 34How a Ball Player Grips His Bat Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 35When They Say "You're Slipping" Daubert, Jake; 1917 
 36 Hoefer, W.R.; 1918 
 37Chance Remarks of Leading Players at the Big Games  1919 
 38The All America Baseball Club of 1919 Lane, F. C.; 1919 
 39Flashlights on the Pennant Race Phelon, W. A.,; 1920 
 40Assists Tell Real Story of Value of Fielder to His Team Rice, Thomas S.; 1921 
 41Real Good Bunters a Memory in Baseball  1921 
 42One Set of Records that Is Unfair Daubert, Jake (An interview with ); 1921 
 43Where Jake Daubert's Mitt Came From  1921 
 44The Month in Baseball Phelon, W. A.; 1922 
 45Why Business Is Bad for a Ball Player Daubert, Jake; 1922 
 46Comparsion Shows Yank's Park Larger  1923 
 47Consistency in Baseball Records Bloodgood, Clifford; 1924 
 48At Home with the Ball Players  1924 
 49Are Ball Players Picked Too Young ?  1924 
 50Are Ball Players Picked Too Young ?  1924 
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