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 1  1915 
 2The Players Fraternity from the Owners Viewpoint  1917 
 3Interview With Colonel Jake Ruppert  1918 
 4Major League Prospects for the Coming Season Herrmann, Garry; 1918 
 5New York Offers All, Even Its Great Ruth, to Assist Comiskey  1920 
 6Yankees Announce Plans For New Park  1921 
 7One Critic Who Thinks He Has Found a Job For Landis Menke, Frank G.; 1921 
 8The Enormous Financial Hazards of Running a Major-league Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1923 
 9Babe Ruth and Frenzied Finance Lane, F.C.; 1927 
 10College Men in the Big Leagues Wallace, Francis; 1927 
 11Miller Huggins' Last Flag  1929 
 12Hug Kieran, John; 1929 
 13Notes: Ruth  1930 
 14Who Won: Ruth vs. Ruppert  1930 
 15Mighty Midget Huggins, Myrtle; as told to John B. Kennedy; 1930 
 16Colonel Ruppert Williams, Joe; 1931 
 17Make Your Wish On a Load of Hay McGeehan, W.O.; Illustrated by C.C. Beall; 1931 
 18The Ten Million Dollar Toy Ruppert, Jacob; 1931 
 19Yankees vs. Cubs?  1932 
 20Yankees vs. Cubs?  1932 
 21Beer and Baseball Johnston, Alva; 1932 
 22Baseball  1933 
 23A Half Hour With Baseball's Leading Magnates Harridge, William; 1933 
 24Baseball: "Me and Paul" Says Dizzy, Are "the Very Best"  1934 
 25The Great National Sideline; Colorless Baseball Gallico, Paul; 1934 
 26Baseball (or, Who Got Stung?) Gallico, Paul; 1935 
 27Safe at Home! Chamberlin, Jo; 1935 
 28Baseball's Master Builder Lane, F.C.; 1936 
 29"That's His Favorite Team" Williams, Joe; 1937 
 30Rupert Diplomatically Dismisses His World Series Hero  1937 
 31Baseball's Farm System: Yankee Chain Breeds Champs in Major, Minor Leagues  1938 
 32Gotham Baseball Eyed By Sponsors  1939 
 33'Four Straight Jake'  1939 
 34The New York Yankees: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1943 
 35The New York Yankees: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1945 
 36The Yankees; the Player's the Thing, as Thousands Cheer, But It Takes Business Brains To Make Even a Winning Club Pay a Profit Osborn, Robert; 1946 
 37The New York Yankees: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1946 
 38My Hits-and My Errors, Part VI Ruth, Babe with Bob Considine; 1948 
 39My Hits-and My Errors, Part VII Ruth, Babe with Bob Considine; 1948 
 40The New York Yankees: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1948 
 41The Babe Ruth Story Ruth, Babe As Told To Bob Considine; 1948 
 42  1948 
 43Nobody's Neutral About McCarthy Fitzgerald, Ed; 1950 
 44Tail-End To Tiptop: Rise of the Yanks Barrow, Edward G.; with James M. Kahn; Photos by Joe Covello; 1950 
 45The New York Yankees: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1951 
 46With a Resounding Crash Graham, Frank; 1951 
 47The New York Yankees Rice, Grantland; 1951 
 48  1952 
 49When Gomez Discovered He Threw a Gumball: He Put His Hand in a Hornet's Nest Carmichael, John P.; 1954 
 50New Reign of Terror Dexter, Charles; 1954 
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