August 28, 2015
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 1Back-To-Campus Fasions With Jackie Jensen  1950 
 2Can Grid Stars Make It? Drebinger, John; 1950 
 3In the Spring a Pilot's Fancy - Lardner, John; 1951 
 4 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 5 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 6 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 7All-American Family Cohn, Howard; 1952 
 8Have the Bonus Boys Paid Off For Baseball? Paxton, Harry T.; 1952 
 9Nifty of the Nats Maver, Alan; 1953 
 10 Welt, Lou; 1953 
 11Nats' Star Is Proud Papa  1953 
 12Lopats Triumph As Jensen Hurls Squire, Jack; 1953 
 13Jensen Hurls Stars to 6 to 0 Victory Over Okinawa Club  1953 
 14Washington Senators  1953 
 15Washington Senators  1953 
 16Williams Can Win For Boston Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 17 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 18Who Has Baseball's Best Outfield? Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 19 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 20One of Those McGraw Deals: Jensen May Prove Red Sox Right Carmichael, John P.; 1954 
 21Mr. Center Fielder? Fichonne, Fred; 1954 
 22Your Big-League Scrapbook #3 - The Boston Red Sox  1954 
 23The World Series Ends Today, But Ball Players Are Still in Business Cordtz, Dan; 1955 
 24Is Casey's Face Red? Epstein, Ben; 1955 
 25Secret Ratings of American League Players  1955 
 26Statistics Tell the Story Roth, Allan; 1955 
 27How Jackie Jensen Found Himself Stump, Al; 1955 
 28Champions Choose MacGregor Kangaroo Leather Baseball Shoes  1955 
 29He's Never Out of Trouble Stump, Al; 1956 
 30All American Boy (Jackie Jensen) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 31What Are Your Chances of Making a Living in Sports? Levy, Bill; 1956 
 32 Goodman, Irv; 1956 
 33Four Slants On Ted Williams Silverman, Al; 1956 
 34America's Top Ballplayers Smoke Camels - America's Top Cigarette  1956 
 35The Ten Best Outfielders  1956 
 36All America Boy (Jackie Jensen) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 37All-Star Who Can Do Without Glory Terrell, Roy; 1958 
 38What Do They Want From Jackie Jensen? Hirshberg, Al; 1958 
 39Boston RedSox -- 3rd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 40Boston RedSox -- 3rd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 41My Ambition Is To Quit Jensen, Jackie as told to Al Hirshberg; 1959 
 42Masters With a Bat  1959 
 43Jackie Jensen: Boston's Strong Boy  1959 
 44Fine Points of Hitting the Long Ball Jensen, Jackie; 1959 
 45Jensen, Jackie  1959 
 46Jackie Jensen Robinson, Ray; 1959 
 47Boston Red Sox  1959 
 48The Solid Golden Boy With Plenty of Brass Gilhooly, John; 1959 
 49Boston Red Sox  1959 
 50Geiger Third Bosox Regular Lost in '60: Hub Hose Clain 'Hard-Luck' Crown Hurwitz, Hy; 1960 
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