September 3, 2015
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 1Old Gold To Air Senators' Games  1943 
 2The White Sox and WJJD Sure Are Popular in Chicago  1945 
 3Brickhouse Signs  1946 
 4 Vernon, Ted; 1950 
 5Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1950 
 6WGN-TV Baseball: Cubs Home Games Set  1950 
 7Fox Takes Baseball  1950 
 8Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1951 
 9Baseball Awards: Top Sportscasters Picked  1951 
 10New Medium Demands New Tricks  1951 
 11Meet the Major League Voices  1951 
 12Wanted: Standardized Umpiring Brickhouse, Jack; 1951 
 13Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1952 
 14World Series to Record Audience By Gillette  1952 
 15Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1953 
 16Baseball's Voices - Jack Brickhouse Condon, Dave; 1954 
 17 Brickhouse, Jack; 1954 
 18Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1954 
 19Hamms, Oklahoma Oil Sign For '55 Baseball on WGN-TV  1954 
 20Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1955 
 211,000 Baseball Games  1955 
 22TV at the Ball Game  1955 
 23Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1956 
 24What Has Happened To Your Team That Will Make a Difference This Year?  1957 
 25Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1957 
 26WGN-TV Again Will Televise Chicago Cubs, White Sox Games n; 1957 
 27Major League Baseball Record Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1958 
 28Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1959 
 29Brickhouse Helped Lou To Radio Job By Use of Tape Recordings  1960 
 30Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1960 
 31Did Herb's Joke Speed His Exit? Fischer, Leo; 1961 
 32Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1961 
 33Don's Smashing Debut Brickhouse, Jack; 1961 
 34Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1962 
 35Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1963 
 36142 White Sox, Cub Games to Be Carried by WGN-TV  1963 
 37Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1964 
 38Major League Baseball Records Book Brickhouse, Jack; 1965 
 39Baseball Major League Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1966 
 40Baseball Major League Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1967 
 41Baseball Major League Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1968 
 42Cubs `Felt Like Prisoners' Confined for Cincy's Curfew Enright, Jim; 1968 
 43Baseball Major League Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1969 
 44The 'New' Durocher - He Talks To Newsmen Munzel, Edgar; 1970 
 45Baseball Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1970 
 46Cubs' History On New Record  1971 
 47Baseball Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1971 
 48The Giants Ice It Allen, Maury; and Brickhouse, Jack; 1971 
 49Baseball Records Brickhouse, Jack; 1972 
 50Cubs Savor 23-22 Loss Goddard, Joe; 1980 
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