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 1  1892 
 2The Contest For the Temple Cup Between the Champion Baltimores and the New Yorks  1894 
 3Pennant Souvenir of the Baltimore Base Ball Club Guy, D. Dorsey; 1894 
 4  1896 
 5  1896 
 6  1896 
 7  1896 
 8  1896 
 9  1896 
 10Ball Players Stand Firm. Protective Association Through a Committee Announces That It Will Supervise Contracts  1900 
 11Players Organize Richter, Francis C.; 1900 
 12Base-Ball Bickerings Stackhouse, George E.; 1901 
 13American College Baseball in the East and West Bushnell, Edward R.; 1906 
 14Baseball Experts Playing the National Game  1908 
 15Hughie, the Hittite - The Irish Boy Who Could Play Baseball Weir, Hugh C.; 1908 
 16  1908 
 17A Trio of Baseball Kings Goewey, E.A.; 1908 
 18Hugh Jennings: Why His Team Wins  1909 
 19 Goewey, E.A.; 1909 
 20 Morse, Jacob C.; 1909 
 21 Blauvelt, photographer; 1909 
 22A Few Flights of Fancy For Fervid Fans Goewey, Ed A., Illus.; 1909 
 23 Goewey, E.A.; 1909 
 24When the Bleachers Grin Nathan, George Jean; Illustrations by F. Strothman; 1910 
 25[photos of Several Major League Players and Managers] Thompson, Paul, photographer; 1910 
 26Baseball in Nineteen Ten  1910 
 27First Paper Claudy, C.H.; 1911 
 28Watch His Arm! the Science of Coaching Fullerton, Hugh S.; 1911 
 29We Have a Bat This Inning; "Ee-yah! Whoop-e-e! I-did-ee-i! Ee-yah!" Jennings, Hughie; 1911 
 30Hugh Jennings: the Live Wire of Modern Baseball Brown, John; 1911 
 31Between Games: How the Ball Players of the Big Leagues Live and Act When Off the Diamond Fullerton, Hugh S.; 1911 
 32The Greatest Drawing Card On the Circuit Morse, Jacob C.; 1911 
 33Hughie Jennings at Bat Morse, Jacob C.; 1911 
 34Frank J. Navin, a Pennant Winner Among Magnates Bingay, M.U.; 1911 
 35Rooting To Victory: the Important Influence of the Spectators Upon the Winning and Losing of Baseball Games McGraw, John; 1911 
 36Hughie Jennings  1911 
 37 Goewey, Ed. A.; 1911 
 38James P. Archer Lieb, Frederick G.; 1911 
 39Changes in Pennant Winners; Star Combinations That Have Been Broken Up  1911 
 40How I Discovered "Hughie" Jennings; the Beginning of a Remarkable Career Chapman, John C.; 1911 
 41John McGraw, Manager; the System Which Has Won For the Giants Three National League Pennants and a Champinship of the World Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 42 Goewey, Ed A.; 1912 
 43The Biggest "Bugs" in Baseball; the Greatest Mental Freaks in the National Game Are Found Among the Players Lardner, R.W.; 1912 
 44"Everybody Up!" Fox, Edward Lyell; 1912 
 45Team Work Mathewson, Christy; 1912 
 46My Opinion of Ty Cobb; How the Greatest Player in the History of the Game Looks To His Own Manager Jennings, Hugh; 1912 
 47The Game's Greatest Rice, Grantland; Illustrated by H.L. Drucklieb; 1913 
 48The Slow Ball Wizard Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 49Who Will Win the Pennant? Evans, Billy; 1913 
 50The Greatest Manager in Organized Baseball Lane, F.C.; 1913 
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