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 1Advance Selections Addington, L.H.; 1938 
 2Advance Selections Addington, L.H.; 1938 
 3Ted Williams Rookie of Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 4Uncle Robbie's Last "Boy"" McGowen, Roscoe; 1940 
 5Casey in the Box Berger, Meyer; 1941 
 6Winning By Striking Out Smith, Red; 1941 
 7Casey in the Box Berger, Meyer; 1941 
 8The Dodgers 1941: Today and Yesterday in Brooklyn Baseball Hoard, Clinton H., ed.; Charles Dexter; 1941 
 9On Breaking Into Pro Ball Bloodgood, Clifford; 1941 
 10The Mystery of the Missed Third Strike Owen, Mickey; as told to Charles Dexter; 1942 
 11Red Flag in Brooklyn Murray, Arch; 1942 
 12New Light On Owen's Mishap? Danforth, Ed; 1943 
 13The Brooklyn Dodgers: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1945 
 14Foul Bawl Turkin, Hy; 1945 
 15Casey For Higbe For Two Grand Lardner, John; 1946 
 16No Black Ball for Black Jackie Turkin, Hy; 1946 
 17Hugh Casey Williams, Joe; 1947 
 18Nothing Like It  1947 
 19Dodgers' Only Hit Beats Yankees 3-2, With 2 Out in Ninth Drebinger, John; 1947 
 20Blind Man is Killed By Hugh Casey's Car  1947 
 21They Let George Do It Smith, Red; 1948 
 22The Brooklyn Dodgers: An Informal History Graham, Frank; 1948 
 23Falstaff of Flatbush McGowen, Roscoe; 1948 
 24Liquidation Notes Lardner, John; 1949 
 25The Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers Fitzgerald, Ed, Ed.; 1949 
 26 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 27Ballplayers vs. Bobbysoxers Morrow, Ross; 1950 
 28Fan Charges Hugh Casey is Father of Her Son The Associated Press; 1950 
 29Wife Stands by Husband; Court Says Hugh Casey, Pitcher, Fathered Boy U.P.; 1950 
 30Hugh Casey Ruled Father of Woman Bowler's Child U.P.; 1950 
 31Casey, Former Star Pitcher, Kills Himself; Wife Hears Fatal Shot Over Telephone  1951 
 32  1951 
 33 Smith, Red; 1953 
 34Doomed Men of Glory Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 35How I Learned To Win in the Majors Erskine, Carl as told to Arthur Mann; 1954 
 36The Rhubarb Patch: the Story of the Modern Brooklyn Dodgers Barber, Red, Pictures By Barney Stein; 1954 
 37Hugh Thomas Casey Smith, Ira; 1954 
 38The Relief Pitcher is a Big Shot Now Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1956 
 39When Richards Three-Hit Casey Richman, Milton; 1958 
 40Baseball Goes To College Bisher, Furman; 1961 
 41Heroes of the World Series Silverman, Al; 1964 
 42"Here Come Hugh Casey!" Silverman, Al; 1964 
 43That Damp Thing Dexter, Charles; 1965 
 44The High Hard One Higbe, Kirby; with Martin Quigley; 1967 
 45Hugh Casey - Joe Page Shapiro, Milton J.; 1967 
 46Cy Found Hugh Casey a Merry Companion  1968 
 47Cubs' Bullpen Flop Jogs Lip's Memory of Great Relievers Munzel, Edgar; 1968 
 48Leo Describes 'Worst' Experience Koppett, Leonard; 1970 
 49 Young, Dick; 1970 
 50Not So Good Old Days Carra, Andy; 1971 
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