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 1A Boy's Best Friend Smith, Red; 1952 
 2Strictly For Birdie Smith, Red; 1954 
 3Coleman's Near No-Hit Gem Stirs Cooke-Franks Rhubarb MacCarl, Neil; 1960 
 4Franks, as Salt Lake G.M. To Take Profits, Pay Losses Goates, Les; 1960 
 5Four New Pilots Join Four Holdovers in Coast Circuit  1961 
 6'Salt Lake Doesn't Measure Up,' Morgan Needles Franks  1961 
 7Players Pegging Dark as Peerless Pilot: Once Terrible Tempered, Skipper Al Speaks Softly Now; Mays Leads Cheering For Giant Leader Young, Dick; 1961 
 8Bees Reap Clover Even in Basement Goates, Les; 1961 
 9Franks Hands Salt Lake City Pilot's Reins To Fitzsimmons Mooney, John; 1961 
 10Kennedy Appointed G.M. at Salt Lake; Franks Veep  1961 
 11Lippy Will Be on Hot Spot as Third Base Coach King, Joe; 1961 
 12Caen, Herb; 1964 
 13Franks Making Hit as Boss of Giants--Quips With Willie McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 14Bailey Return Hikes Giant Lefty-Swinging Firepower McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 15A Blend of Influences Burick, Si; 1965 
 16The Full Story of Willie May's Greatest Year Gross, Milton; 1965 
 17Rich Man With Giant Problems Broeg, Bob; 1965 
 18Needed: An Eye in the Sky-Why Shouldn't Pilots See the Game They're Managing Robinson, Murray; 1965 
 19  1965 
 20Status Quote  1965 
 21Regroup! Retrench! Dig In!  1965 
 22The Genius & the Kid  1965 
 23They Love Herman and Willie Mann, Jack; 1965 
 24Morning Hike and Mineral Bath Tuning Up Giants Double Quick Enright, James; 1965 
 25O'Dell's Loafing Accusation False, Franks and Mays Say n; 1965 
 26Giant Hurlers in Good Hands--Instructed by Prof Shellenback McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 27Pilots Fire Answers at Cactus Loop Quiz McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 289 Days, $1,750 - Juan Talks; Marichal Apologizes Jupiter, Harry; 1965 
 29Franks: This Ruins Us Grieve, Curley; 1965 
 30The Year of the Bat Burnes, Robert L.; 1965 
 31Tune In on Chinfest With Chatterbox Mays: Franks Rates High With All Giants' Players, Says Willie McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 32Mays Passes Up Safari--`Scared to Death' of Guns n; 1965 
 33`Willie Gives Pilot Big Edge at Very Start,' Says Franks n; 1965 
 34Giants Combing Roster for Able Leadoff Batter McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 35Giants Hoping Surgeon's Knife Revived Sanford's Ailing Arm McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 36Few Great Stars Reach Pilot Ranks Outlar, Jesse; 1966 
 37Franks-ly Speaking Biederman, Les; 1966 
 38Lindy Tipping Swap Scale in Giants' Favor McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 39Franks Will Return in '67; To Receive About $55,000 n; 1966 
 40Frankly, Franks Has No Use for Writers: And the Feeling is Mutual Jupiter, Harry; 1966 
 41Couple Witnessed Giants' `Little Miracle' of 1951 n; 1966 
 42Orlando Cepeda: "I Am Always Against the Wall" Hano, Arnold; 1966 
 43'They Ain't Getting No Maiden' Kahn, Roger; 1966 
 44It's Not Bad To Be Going Good Mann, Jack; 1966 
 45How Gaylord Learned To Pitch Pepe, Phil; 1966 
 46San Francisco: 'This Race Is Not Over By a Long Shot' Leggett, William; 1966 
 47Willie Mays: All That's Left Is 714 O'Day, Joe; 1966 
 48Marichal's 11th Pitch Sargis, Joe; 1966 
 49Franks' Seventh Sense McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 50Return to Second Base Helps Lanier's Batting Average Jupiter, Harry; 1966 
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