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 172 Home Runs...224 Runs Batted In  1954 
 2Spring Promise  1955 
 3Baseball: 'Faster Than Feller'  1955 
 4 Creamer, Robert; 1955 
 5The Indians: They Ambushed the Whole League Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 6Rookies to Watch in '55  1955 
 7The Cleveland Indians  1955 
 8What's the Score on HERB? Cobbledick, Gordon; 1955 
 9The Indians: They Ambushed the Whole League Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 10Mr. Robert, Master Herbie Lebovitz, Hal; 1955 
 11Southpaw Sensation: Herb Score Jacobs, Bruce; 1956 
 12The Ballplayers Pick The Pennant Winners Zanger, Jack; 1956 
 13Nobody Wins With a Fast Ball Richman, Milton; 1956 
 14They Learned the Score Fast (Herb Score) Harmon, Pat; 1956 
 15The Seven Best Rookies of 1955  1956 
 16The Dell Baseball Annual Player Awards: American League  1956 
 17Score One For Herb! Masin, Herman L.; 1957 
 18The Things I Saw in the Darkness Score, Herb; with Tim Cohane; 1957 
 19Cleveland's Left-Handed Lightning Lebovitz, Hal; 1957 
 20Fastest & Finest  1957 
 21Herb Score - How Hard the Blow  1957 
 22Fireball Boomerangs at $1 Million Player  1957 
 23The U.S Winced  1957 
 24Herb Score: Million-Dollar Pitcher Cohane, Tim; Photographs by Frank Bauman; 1957 
 25Indians' Late Drive Decides After Herb Score Suffers Broken Nose, Eye Injury Effrat, Louis; 1957 
 26A Frightening Injury Daley, Arthur; 1957 
 27He Also Won Twenty: Herb Score Jacobs, Bruce; 1957 
 28He Can Throw 435 Feet Jones, Harry; 1957 
 29Herb Score Delivering a Fast Ball  1958 
 30Everything Happens to Herb Stump, Al; 1958 
 31If You Could Pick Your Own Ball Club Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 32Herb Score Is Back! Cobbledick, Gordon; 1958 
 33Should You Break Tradition and Talk About a No-Hitter While It's Still in the Making?  1958 
 34Man With a Million Fans Photos by John G. Zimmerman; 1958 
 35Famous American Athletes of Today - Fifteenth Series Whitmarsh, F.E.; 1958 
 36Lighter Side: Fun, Wit And Errors Biederman, Les; 1958 
 37Billy Pierce Furlong, Bill; 1958 
 38Cleveland Indians -- 6th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 39They're Bringing back The Fireball! Dexter, Charles; 1958 
 40Cleveland Indians -- 6th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 41Why Cleveland Loves Colavito Linn, Edward; 1959 
 42Stikeouts Are Going Up Roth, Allan; 1959 
 43With St. Jude's Help, Hard-Luck Herb Is Back McDermott, John; 1959 
 44Cleveland Indians  1959 
 45Cleveland Indians  1959 
 46Injuns Shape Up as Glove Artists Who Pack Punch Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 47Indians Had Trio of 20-Win Men in '56, Didn't Cop Flag  1960 
 48Indian Today, Ex-Indian Tomorrow  1960 
 49Minnie the Marvel Stops Chi Show On Return Engagement Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 50'Never Saw All Seek Player So Badly' - Veeck: Sportshirt On Score Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
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