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 1Great Base-Ball Match in Brooklyn  1858 
 2Beadle's Dime Baseball Player: A Compendium of the Game, Comprising Elementary Instructions of This American Game of Ball Chadwick, Henry; 1860 
 3Beadle's Dime Base Ball Player  1861 
 4Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1861 
 5Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1862 
 6Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1863 
 7The Grand Prize-Match in Brooklyn  1864 
 8Beadle's Dime Base-Ball Player  1864 
 9Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1864 
 10Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1865 
 11Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1866 
 12The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1866 
 13The Ancient History of Base Ball Chadwick, Henry; 1867 
 14Base-Ball Literature  1867 
 15Base-Ball Practice Chadwick, Henry; 1867 
 16The Model Base Ball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1867 
 17Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1867 
 18The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1867 
 19The Ball Players' Chronicle Chadwick, Henry, Ed.; 1867 
 20Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1868 
 21The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1868 
 22The Game of Baseball: How to Learn It, How to Play It, and How to Teach It Chadwick, Henry; 1868 
 23American Chronicle of Sports and Pastimes Chadwick, Henry, Ed.; 1868 
 24"Ball Days" in the Year AD 1858 Chadwick, Henry; 1868 
 25Cincinnati Red Stockings 7, New York Mutuals 1 Chadwick, Henry; 1869 
 26  1869 
 27Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1869 
 28DeWitt's Baseball Guide Chadwick, Henry; 1869 
 29The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1869 
 30Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1870 
 31DeWitt's Baseball Guide Chadwick, Henry; 1870 
 32The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1870 
 33  1871 
 34  1871 
 35  1871 
 36  1871 
 37Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1871 
 38Chadwick's Baseball Manual Chadwick, Henry; 1871 
 39DeWitt's Baseball Guide Chadwick, Henry; 1871 
 40The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1871 
 41Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1872 
 42DeWitt's Baseball Guide Chadwick, Henry; 1872 
 43The Baseball Players' Book of Reference Chadwick, Henry; 1872 
 44  1873 
 45The Chess-Players' Game  1873 
 46The Chess-Players' Match  1873 
 47Chess-Players' Return Game  1873 
 48Beadle's Dime Baseball Player Chadwick, Henry; 1873 
 49DeWitt's Baseball Guide Chadwick, Henry; 1873 
 50 Chadwick, Henry; 1874 
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