August 30, 2015
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 1A New Base-Ball Club  1883 
 2Union Baseball Clubs; Preliminary Arrangements for the Coming Season  1884 
 3Baseball Men in Council: The St. Louis Unions Chosen to Take The Place of the Clevelands  1885 
 4A Base-Ball Wrangle  1885 
 5Mr. Lucas's St. Louis Club; The League Determined That It Shall be Admitted  1885 
 6Baseball Troubles Ended  1885 
 7Baseball Sensation: Brooklyn Captures Seven of the Cleveland League Club  1885 
 8Cleveland's Baseball Club; Its Franchise Purchased by Millionaire Henry V. Lucas  1885 
 9  1885 
 10Arranging the League Games; The Association Refuses to Reinstate the Deserters  1885 
 11Their Lustre is Dimmed; Mr. Lucas's "Black Diamonds" Do Not Shine; Beaten by the New-York Team Eleven to Nothing - Boyle Batted Hard - Splendid Play by Ward  1885 
 12St. Louis Ball Players; The League Team to Be Put in Better Shape By Its New Manager  1885 
 13  1892 
 14New Deals On The Diamond Bradley, Hugh; 1936 
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