May 27, 2015
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 1Kansas City A's Grooming Negro Rookie For Stardom Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1955 
 2A Yankee Not of the Mold Dexter, Charles; 1959 
 3New York Yankees  1960 
 4Catch as Catch Can  1960 
 5Bombers Jazz Up Motors, Speed at Supersonic Clip Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 6Hurlers Slip Handcuffs On Yank Biffers Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 7Bombers' Torrid Takeoff Powered By Solid Socking Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 8Joe DeMaestri Adds Zing To Frolic - Douses Hector  1960 
 9New York Yankees  1960 
 10Yanks Pack Big Wallop - If Mick Hits King, Joe; 1961 
 11Handy-Man Kubek Lands Steady Job as Yank Shortstop Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 12Bombers Begin Drills Without Single Holdout Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 13Hot Dispute Over Top A.L. Picket Line: Tiger Flyhawks Backer Challenged by Yankee Scrivener; `N.Y. Patrol Far Ahead,' Dan Argues Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 14Spouse Too Good at Cooking--Lopez Had to Shed 14 Pounds Ferdenzi, Til; 1961 
 15Pepitone, Lopez Booked For Gateway Go: Hector Told to Buy Mitt Before Yankees Start Training Ferdenzi, Til; 1962 
 16Skipper Lopez Shows Hitters How It's Done Eberenz, Leo J.; 1962 
 17Panama Loop Set To Open; Lopez, Brown Head Pilots  1962 
 18Secret Weapons Save the Yankees Creamer, Robert; 1963 
 19Bets Are Off n; 1963 
 20Hector Heats Up at Charge of Glove Dud Ferdenzi, Til; 1963 
 21Bisons' Smith Marching to Bat Title Kritzer, Cy; 1969 
 22Crowley, Matlack Only Unanimous Star Picks  1969 
 23  1969 
 24  1969 
 25Hector Lopez: Memories in a Car Truck Kiersh, Edward; 1983 
 26Season of Glory: the Amazing Saga of the 1961 New York Yankees Houk, Ralph; Robert W. Creamer; 1988 
 27Hector Lopez Forker, Dom; 1989 
 28Where Are They Now...? Schultz, Randy; 1991 
 29Hector Headley Lopez Moffi, Larry and Jonathan Kronstadt; 1994 
 30Hector Lopez Debs, Victor, Jr.; 2002 
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