August 28, 2015
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 1Barber Bridges Big Gap - Class D To Top: Oriole Slab Ace Ticketed For Three I Loop Last March; 21-Year-Old Lefty Dazzles Birds' Brass, A.L. Hitters Steadman, John; 1960 
 2Princeton Grad Named Aid n; 1961 
 3Dalton Named Orioles' Farm Boss; McLaughlin Resigns n; 1961 
 4Dalton Moves Up as New Director of Orioles' Farms Brown, Doug; 1961 
 5Surgeon to Examine Injured Leg of Oriole Hill Prospect Hardman, A.L.; 1963 
 6  1964 
 7  1964 
 8You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country Kram, Mark; 1965 
 9Knowles Proving Orioles' Scouts Know Talent: Star of Latin Loop Choice Hill Prospect Brown, Doug; 1965 
 10Namath, as Kid Flash, Spurned Orioles' Bonus Brown, Doug; 1965 
 11The Men Who Fire Managers Leggett, William; 1966 
 12Barber's Aching Wing Trims Orioles' Feathers Brown, Doug; 1966 
 13Red Wing-to-Orioles Trip Short Haul for Phoebus as Bird Flies Brown, Doug; 1966 
 14Barber, Back on Active Lis, Takes Heart After One Inning of Relief n; 1966 
 15Vet Airplane Pilot Parcel Steers Northern Loop to Sold Ground Desautels, Larry; 1966 
 16Birds Cushion Bauer Nest With Two-Year Shipment of Cabbage Brown, Doug; 1966 
 17The Birds Fall Down On Broken Wings Jares, Joe; 1967 
 18Epstein Deal Gives Orioles Prize Plum Brown, Doug; 1967 
 19Barber Reverses His Field Following Brief Walkout n; 1967 
 20Future Super-Star Rides Oriole Bench Hatter, Lou; 1967 
 21Epstein Insists He's Earned Wings--But Not Red Variety Brown, Doug; 1967 
 22Bird Dealer Dalton Makes Clean Breast to Restless Natives Brown, Doug; 1967 
 23Three Coaches Pay Penalty for Birds' Plummet Brown, Doug; 1967 
 24Dalton Wins Ellis Award as Pal of Oriole Press n; 1967 
 25No Farm Job for Adamson, $75,000 Prize Brown, Doug; 1967 
 26Weidner Checks Out as Oriole Trainer to Cash In Brown, Doug; 1967 
 27Hot Tamales From Mexican Meeting Kaegel, Dick and Stan Isle; 1967 
 28Dalton Off for San Juan to Watch Weaver's Club n; 1967 
 29Darts, Barbs Bounce Off Dalton; Oriole Exec Just Works Harder Brown, Doug; 1967 
 30$75,000 Pact Softens Brooks' Fall From Top-Tier Perch n; 1967 
 31Cost of Building Winner: $11.6 Million Steadman, John F.; 1967 
 32Dalton Spots Three Clubs as Rivals for A.L. Flag Kranz, Dick; 1967 
 33Orioles Put Tag of `Untouchable' on Rookie Flash: Mark Belanger Keane, Clif; 1967 
 34Orioles Cling to Phenoms, Pass Up Deal for Williams n; 1967 
 35Lettering Was Wrong Coloron Late-Arriving Uniforms n; 1967 
 36An Oriole by Day Kaegel, Dick; 1967 
 37A Wheeler-dealer's Trading Secrets Richards, Paul; as told to Furman Bisher; 1968 
 38G.M.s Urge 2 Changes to Aid Batters Fraser, Morris; 1968 
 39Orioles Are Chilly to Interleague Swapping Brown, Doug; 1968 
 40Future is Bright For Choice Rapper Rettenmund Brown, Doug; 1968 
 41Orioles Escape Sore Wings--Credit Hard Conditioning Plan Brown, Doug; 1968 
 42Gourmet Pals Made Butt of Gorman: That Really Wasn't a Snake, Lou Brown, Doug; 1968 
 43F. Robby's Holdout Like a Chess Meet Jackman, Phil; 1968 
 44Orioles Chilled Swap Talk At Mention of Rettenmund  1968 
 45McLaughlin Travels Complete Cycle As a Top-Flight Oriole Brown, Doug; 1968 
 46Birds Tap Weaver to Mend Ripped Fabric Brown, Doug; 1968 
 47Orioles Give Bauer Ax; May Name Weaver Pilot  1968 
 48`They Asked Me to Quit Last Year'--Hank Brown, Doug; 1968 
 49Birds Laud Weaver--Sign Him for 1969 Brown, Doug; 1968 
 50F. Robby Gets Chance as Pilot in Puerto Rico Brown, Doug; 1968 
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