August 28, 2015
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 1Baseball's Dark Past   
 2Bob Feller Sees Few Players Making Grade Feller, Bob; 1949 
 3"____ Sportsmanship"  1950 
 4Hank Thompson: My Pick For Stardom Durocher, Leo; 1950 
 5Balk Ruling Protested  1950 
 6Baseball's Murderers Row; Four Heavy-Hitting Negro Players Now With the New York Giants Can Earn This Title If They Live Up To Past Season Performances White, Al; Photos by Blanche; 1951 
 7"Hank" Thompson Says - "Stick With the Cigarette That's Good To You - "  1951 
 8New York Giants  1952 
 9Tan Players Clinch Teams' Standings Birtwell, Roger; 1952 
 10Why Negro Baseball Stars Feud  1952 
 11Baseball Hits! 1952: A Record Book of Negro Players in the Majors Smith, Wendell, ed.; 1952 
 123 Giant Outfielders Establish HR Fund  1953 
 13Harlem Cabbie Beats Hank Thompson With Ball Bat  1953 
 14Thompson, Cabbie Withdraw Assault Charges  1953 
 15Baseball's Greatest Then and Now; Were the Old Timers Better Than Today's Stars? Lloyd, John "Pop"; 1953 
 16Problem Child?  1953 
 17The Other Half of the Baseball Story  1953 
 18 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1953 
 19Great Negro Baseball Stars and How They Made the Major Leagues Young, A. S. 'Doc'; 1953 
 20Giants vs. Giants Hickey, Sgt. Mike; 1953 
 21New York Giants  1953 
 22New York Giants  1953 
 23Campy Signs For $34,000, Thompson $20,000  1954 
 24Knee Fracture Sidelines Hanks Thompson  1954 
 251...2...3...4... & Bingo Kahn, Roger; 1954 
 26The Last Chance  1954 
 27Negro Ball Players Hit the Jackpot Maxwell, Jocko; 1955 
 28The Handy Man (Hank Thompson) Drebinger, John; 1955 
 29Helmets In, Buttons Out  1956 
 30 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1956 
 31Police Nab Hank Thompson on Charges in $37 Holdup n; 1961 
 32Exclusive! Ex-World Series Star in Jail: "How I Wrecked My Life - How I Hope To Save It" Thompson, Hank; with Arnold Hano; 1965 
 33  1969 
 34  1969 
 35Calling All Castoffs  1971 
 36Baseball Classics Unforgotten: Not `World Serious' But-- Spander, Art; 1974 
 37Willard Brown - He Lasted Only Six Weeks, But He Was Among the First Blacks in the Majors Cottrol, Bob; 1975 
 38The Miracle At Coogan's Bluff Kiernan, Thomas; 1975 
 39How to Ask Trivia Questions: A Handy Guide Falls, Joe; 1976 
 40An Interview With Monte Irvin Garger, Stephen; 1987 
 41World Series Flashback 1: a Difference of 200 Feet Highlighted '54 Fall Classic Woody, Clay; 1992 
 42Hilton Smith Holway, John B.; 1992 
 43Othello Renfroe Holway, John B.; 1992 
 44Henry Curtis "Hank" Thompson Moffi, Larry and Jonathan Kronstadt; 1994 
 45Close Shave: The Life and Times of Baseball's Sal Maglie Szalontai, James D.; 2002 
 46The Black Stars Who Made Baseball Whole: The Jackie Robinson Generation in the Major Leagues, 1947-1959 Swaine, Rick; 2006 
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