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 1Minor Matters Kilroy, Hank; 1947 
 2Cabbages and Kings Winerip, Harold; 1948 
 3 Kilroy, Hank; 1948 
 4Baseball's Best Catcher  1950 
 5350 Sports Writers Cover All-Star Game  1950 
 6  1950 
 7 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 8  1951 
 9Handsomer Hair! 3 Ways  1952 
 10  1953 
 11Chicago Cubs 1953 Year Book  1953 
 12Hank Sauer Hoffman, John C.; 1953 
 13Lopats Go Homer-Happy; All-Stars Slam 9 Four-Baggers in 16 to 2 Finale Hickey, Mike; 1953 
 14Braves' Mathews Uninterested in Home Run Title Competition Richman, Milton; 1953 
 15  1953 
 16 Smith, Red; 1953 
 17Hard-Luck Hank Sauer Again Struck by Injury Snider, Steve; 1953 
 18Sauer Breaks Hand in New York Game  1953 
 19Last Year's Baseball Stars Find Rougher Sledding in '53 Miller, Norman; 1953 
 20Camel...Big League Choice For Mildness, and Flavor  1953 
 21Cubs Get Good Reports On Aces Sauer, Smalley  1953 
 22Sauer Sings a Home Run Tune Sexauer, Chuck; 1953 
 23Hank Sauer, National :League Most Valuable Player  1953 
 24Chicago Cubs  1953 
 25Rags to Riches Munzel, Edgar; 1953 
 26Hank Sauer  1953 
 27Chicago Cubs  1953 
 28Hank Sauer, National :League Most Valuable Player  1953 
 29Sauer Sings a Home Run Tune Sexauer, Chuck; 1953 
 30  1953 
 31  1954 
 32Visual Movements of Batters Hubbard, Alfred W.; Seng, Charles N.; 1954 
 33Campy Catches Chuckles, Too Goldberg, Hy; 1954 
 34How to Play Championship Baseball Fraley, Oscar; 1954 
 35The Cubs: Two of Our Outfielders Are Missing ( And One Won't Be Back ! )  1955 
 36Who Is Or Was the Hardest Pitcher For You To Hit?  1955 
 37Homers are His Specialty Richman, Milton; 1955 
 38The Cubs: Two of Our Outfielders Are Missing ( And One Won't Be Back ! )  1955 
 39Statistics Tell the Story Roth, Allan; 1955 
 40The Gaudy Ones Creamer, Robert; 1956 
 41Subject: Stan Musial Flynn Dreyspool, Joan; 1956 
 42A Loser's Lot Is Not Always An Unhappy One Drebinger, John; 1957 
 43  1958 
 44Old Man Sauer Sexauer, Chuck; 1958 
 45What They Say in the Dugout About: the San Francisco Giants Noble, John Wesley; 1958 
 46Only One Weakness Drum, Bob; 1960 
 47The Sa-Fra-Seeko Kid Terrell, Roy; 1960 
 48Feller's No-Hit Gem in '40 Tops Dramatic Feats On Opening Day  1960 
 49Inter-Loop Swapping Creates New Job Trimble, Joe; 1960 
 50Loes Chucks Bull-Pen Role - Nails Down Berth as Starter McDonald, Jack; 1961 
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