September 4, 2015
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 1The Star of the 1914 World Series Ward, John J.; 1914 
 2Why the Braves Won and the Athletics Lost the Championship of the World Phelon, W.A.; 1914 
 3  1914 
 4Dick Rudolph and Hank Gowdy, Star Battery of the Boston Nationals, Both Smoke Tuxedo  1915 
 5Sidelights on the New World's Champions Phelon, William A.; 1915 
 6Howdy, Hank Gowdy! James, Leonard B.; 1915 
 7"Braves" Is Right; the First of a New Baseball Series Lardner, Ring W.; 1915 
 8Cat's Paw Cushion Rubber Heels  1915 
 9  1915 
 10  1916 
 11 Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 12Two Famous News Boys Rhoades, Howard P.; 1917 
 13  1917 
 14  1917 
 15Why I Enlisted Gowdy, Hank; 1917 
 16Baseball Goes To War Beatty, Jerome; 1918 
 17  1918 
 18What I Expect To Do "Over There" Gowdy, Hank; 1918 
 19  1918 
 20Hank Gowdy, the Man Who Blazed the Trail Tener, John K.; 1918 
 21Gowdy Loses Luxurious Home On Banks of Rhine  1919 
 22A Message From The War Front Nort, Henry W.; 1919 
 23The Army of Occupation n; 1919 
 24Hoefer, W.R.; 1919 
 25Hank Gowdy Kramer, Edgar Daniel; 1919 
 26A Catcher's Part in Winning a Championship Gowdy, Hank (An Interview with ); Cartoon by Goldsmith in the Boston Post; 1920 
 27One Exception That Landis Might Make Rice, Thomas F.; 1921 
 28Duffy Appealing to Yankees For Succor Rooney, Gus; 1921 
 29Walter Schmidt: An Unrecognized Catching Star Ward, John J.; 1921 
 30The Month in Baseball Phelon, W. A.; 1922 
 31When Maranville Save the Day Gowdy, Hank; 1923 
 32With the Big League Ball Players in Their Winter Homes  1924 
 33How My Career Has Been Uncommonly Lucky Gowdy, Hank, From an interview with; 1924 
 34New York Giants  1924 
 35New York Giants  1924 
 36The Greatest Player I Have Ever Developed McGraw, John J., Comprising an interview with; 1924 
 37World's Series Heroes Kieran, John; 1928 
 38Henry M. ("Hank") Gowdy: Sterling Catcher and First Professional Ball Player to Enlist in the Great World War Johnston, Charles H.L.; 1928 
 39Look 'Em Over, Old Timers! Barton, George A.; 1930 
 40What Becomes of World's Series Heroes Burr, Harold C.; 1931 
 41The Sad Plight of the Miracle Teams Palmer, Stetson; 1932 
 42Heroes of the World Series Daniel, Daniel M.; 1932 
 43Old Or New, It's Baseball Maranville, Rabbit; 1935 
 44Tumult On the Diamond Evers, Johnny; 1936 
 45There Goes the Ball Game! Kieran, John; Drawings by F. G. Cooper; 1937 
 46Battered Backstop Drebinger, John; 1938 
 47Battered Backstop Drebinger, John; 1938 
 48  1939 
 49Fair Play and Foul Burr, Harold C.; 1940 
 50Trenches and Dugouts Bradley, Hugh; 1940 
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