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 1Facts About Hal Newhouser Durrell, Dick;  
 2Hal Newhouser Player of Year, Bill Nicholson National League Hero Daniel, Daniel M.; 1944 
 3The Fighting Tigers' Ace Left-Hander MacDowell, Leo; 1944 
 4That Texas Tiger, Paul Richards MacDonell, Leo; 1944 
 5Hal Newhouser, Number One Southpaw of the American League This Past Year  1944 
 6Who's Who In Baseball is the Original Record Book of its Kind  1945 
 7Selected For Service Veech, Ellis J.; 1945 
 8Winning Combinations Veech, Ellis J.; 1945 
 9Tiger Triumph Powers, Jimmy; 1945 
 10Doghouse To Let: Apply Newhouser & Trout Smith, Red; 1945 
 11Pitcher's Heyday  1945 
 12Who Was the Hero of the '45 Series? Drebinger, John; 1945 
 13Hits, Runs, Errors  1945 
 14The Hero of the 1945 World Series Who Was He? Drebinger, John; 1945 
 15After Thirty  1946 
 16Baseball: Hal and Paw  1946 
 17The 1946 All-Star Game Walsh, David J.; 1946 
 18Ted Williams, Player of the Year, Salient on All-America Baseball Team for 1946 Daniel, Daniel M.; 1946 
 19Who's Who in Baseball is the Original Record Book of Its Kind  1946 
 20[cover illustration]  1946 
 21Costly Cast-Offs Connery, Thomas J.; 1947 
 22Senior Loop Bows at Chicago By 2-1 Drebinger, John; 1947 
 23Batter Up!  1947 
 24Which Would You Pick? Big League Managers Choose...Musial Over Williams; Feller and Newhouser Even Cohane, Tim; 1947 
 25The Newhouser Nuisance Crichton, Kyle; Photographs by David and Hy Peskin; 1947 
 26The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 27Harold (Hal) Newhouser: "Pride of the Tigers" Hirshberg, Al; McKenney, Joe; 1947 
 28The Truth About Newhouser Gross, Milton; 1948 
 29Pitching to Win Newhouser, Hal; 1948 
 3020-Game Winners Veech, Ellis J.; 1949 
 31 Partch, Virgil; 1949 
 32Pitching to Win Newhouser, Hal; 1949 
 33The Best in Baseball Shoemaker, Robert H.; 1949 
 34No Better Lefty Shoemaker, Robert H.; 1949 
 35Hopeful Hal Now Visions 20 Wins After Late Start; 'I Could Make It With Hot Streak,' Says Newshouser, Following Initial '50 Victory Spoelstra, Watson; 1950 
 36Saga of the Unhappy Tiger Gardner, Paul; 1950 
 37Beating Yanks on One Curve Newhouser, Hal; as told to James Zerilli; 1950 
 38Home-Town Kid Meany, Tom; 1951 
 39Current Yanks Top Club Says Fading Newhouse Hand, Jack; 1953 
 40 Convey, Joe; 1953 
 41Tigers Give Newhouser Unconditional Release  1953 
 42Newhousers, Out at 32, Has Oldtimers Puzzled Barrington, John; 1953 
 43Climbing Out  1953 
 44Detroit Tigers  1953 
 45Detroit Tigers  1953 
 46Newhouser's Biggest Loss McAuley, Ed; 1954 
 47 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 48Road Trip Diary Newcombe, Jack; 1954 
 49Berra Is Named Most Valuable in League Again Drebinger, John; 1955 
 50Inventory in Baltimore Silverman, Al; 1956 
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