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 1Yankees Bring Up Highly-Touted Gus Triandos  1953 
 2Gus Triandos Shapes Up as Future Yankee Star Gunter, James W.; 1953 
 3Yanks Still Search for First Baseman of Gehrig's Caliber  1953 
 4The Orioles: Who Can They Buy for $250,000 ?  1955 
 5The Orioles: Who Can They Buy for $250,000 ?  1955 
 6Inventory in Baltimore Silverman, Al; 1956 
 7The Orioles Are Coming Meany, Tom; 1958 
 8Baltimore Orioles -- 5th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 9Baltimore Orioles -- 5th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 10Baltimore Orioles  1959 
 11Baltimore Orioles  1959 
 12Prize Fingernails Trader, Hugh; 1959 
 13Triandos Has a Word for It : Deskalo! Richman, Arthur; 1959 
 14Nobody Hits It Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 15Birds with Weak Wings Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 16Birds with Weak Wings Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 17The Pennant Race Bubbles Along  1960 
 18Howitzer Hansen's Hefty Shots Power Orioles' Flag Drive Brown, Doug; 1960 
 19Happy Hansen Homers, Then Gets Pep Talk By Triandos  1960 
 20Grounded Birds Add Lefty Wing, Pair of Flyhawks Brown, Doug; 1960 
 21New Richards Move: Changes Catchers Instead of Pitchers  1960 
 22Triandos Sets PB Mark  1960 
 23Gentile's Big Bat Cushions Oriole Shock of Losing Gus Brown, Doug; 1960 
 24Triandos Snaps Stadium Jinx  1960 
 25Triandos, Brandt Cast in Role of Keys To Bird Treasure Nest Brown, Doug; 1960 
 26Baltimore Orioles  1960 
 27Baltimore Orioles  1960 
 28Yanks Need 5 Pitchers! Trader, Hugh; 1960 
 29Folies to Speed Up Oriole Pace as Stand-In Swifty for Triandos Brown, Doug; 1961 
 30Bosox Hurlers Soft Touch for Oriole Belters Brown, Doug; 1961 
 31Oriole Hurlers Feeding Rivals Goose-Egg Diet Brown, Doug; 1961 
 32Workhorse Barber Sharpens Control - Hikes Victory Total Brown, Doug; 1961 
 33Triandos' Bat Powers Fast Oriole Flight Brown, Doug; 1961 
 34Gentile Draws $100 Plaster For Blast at Ump Larry Napp  1961 
 35Pappas Makes Bird Rivals Yell 'Uncle' Brown, Doug; 1961 
 36Sifting Gems From Hatful of Record-Breaking Feats Sheen, Jim; 1961 
 37Orioles Rap 3 HRs in Row  1961 
 38Baltimore Orioles Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 39Tiger Hurlers Needle Gus--Serve Knucklers in Warmup  1963 
 40Gus Grins Again--No Butterflies to Bug Him: `Never Knew Where Pitch Was Headed' Falls, Joe; 1963 
 41Swifty Louie Inherits Digit Worn by Slowpoke Triandos  1963 
 42Hank Aguirre Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 43Cheney Unearned-Run Streak Stopped After 32 1/3 Innings  1963 
 44Detroit Tigers Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 45Triandos Caught No-Hit Gem by Hoyt, Won Game With Hit  1963 
 46Scheffing Gives Plus to Gus in Adding Up Bengal Credits Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 47Scheffing Scores Hit As Sunny Tiger Swami: Predicts Big Year For Lary And Triandos; Feels Phillips Will Win Job At Hot Corner Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 48Tigers Purr As Gleeful Gus Weighs in At a Svelte 222 Falls, Joe; 1963 
 49Tale of The Tigers' Lockers: From Bones to Voodoo Dolls  1963 
 50Payroll Pruning May Turn Oriole Chirps to Burps Brown, Doug; 1963 
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