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 1Vet Picket Hardy Joins Twins as a Pinch-Hitter n; 1967 
 2Minnesota Twins n; 1967 
 3Tulsa's Spahn Named Manager of the Year  1968 
 4Champ Tulsa Places Three on PCL '68 All-Star Team  1968 
 5Valencia is Missing, But Venezuela Loop Will Field Six Clubs Moncada, Eduardo; 1968 
 6Power Pokes by Bears' Nettles Send Shock Waves Through PCL Haraway, Frank; 1968 
 7Graig Uses Home Runs to End Batting Slumps  1968 
 8Wayne Redmond Aiming For New Homer Record Moyer, Ellwood; 1968 
 9Oliva Finished for 1968 With Dislocated Shoulder  1968 
 10You Find Some Mighty Strange Items in Ball Players' Lockers Goethel, Arno; 1969 
 11Minnesota Twins Vecsey, George; 1969 
 12Indians See Howard, Grab Peace Pipe  1970 
 13Nettles, Leon and Fuller in Tribe Opening Cast Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 14Nettles Clicks at New Job as Dark Outsmarts Critics Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 15Cleveland Man of the Year? 'Don't Ask Me,' Alvin Replies Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 16Tribe's Nettles Near All-Star Status Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 17Leon, Nettles Unsung Tribe Heroes Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 18Kuhn Probes Tribe Pacts - Illegal Bonus Deals Alleged Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 19Conditional Pacts Cost Indians a $5,000 Fine  1971 
 20Graig Nettles Stands Out as Indians' Man of Year Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 21Trades Sure To Shake Up Indians Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 22Nettles No. 1 Bait as Tribe Plots Deals Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 23Yo-Yo Indians Rise Along With the Mercury Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 24Will Nettles Be Next of Injuns to Go? Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 25Platoon Plan Nettles Graig; `It's Ruining My Confidence' Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 26Reserve System Facing Change, Miller Asserts Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 27Indians' Nettles Dealt to Yanks n; 1972 
 28Nettles Unanimous Choice as Tribe's Man of the Year Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 29Snow Fails to Chill Aspro's Hopes for Tribe Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 30Nettles Fires Departing Salvo at Pilot Aspro Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 31Artistry Which Passes Unnoticed Koppett, Leonard; 1972 
 325 Players Are Thumbed Out in Venezuela n; 1972 
 33Yankees' Murcer: Ready to Don Mickey's Mantle? Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 34Indians Hunting With Outfielder as Target Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 35Yanks Look for One Good Hitter--And Get Two Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 36MacPhail's Deals Put Houk on Yankee Spot Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 37Stitched-Up Stephenson: Very Tough Angel Miller, Dick; 1972 
 38Cleveland Indians: Motivation Isn't Enough Goldberg, Hy; 1972 
 39`Season's Still Young,' Says Houk as Yankees Stumble Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 4036,951 See Mets Defeat Yankees in Trophy Game n; 1973 
 41Flag Fever Finds Foothold in Yankee Land Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 42Batting Averages Vastly Overrated--Nettles Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 43Nettles, Matty Alou Mean More Yankee Thump Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 44Nettles Sets HR Record For Yank Third Basemen n; 1973 
 45Revamped Yank Hill Staff Lists 9 New Names Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 46Nettles at Third, But Yanks Nix Sanchez Bids Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 47`DH to Cut Yank Hill Staff to Nine'--Houk Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 48Records Back Yankees in Tribe Trade Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 49Nettles Fixes Sights on Speedier Getaway Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 50How the Pennant Races Shape Up Vass, George; 1973 
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